Time for some accelerated Big Brother action.  Tonight, we will see the Power of Veto competition, the Power of Veto ceremony, and an eviction.  We have only three more episode left, people!  Adam and Ryan look like they’re going to stick together, so that means whichever lady remains (barring a change in the nomination due to the PoV) will have to win the final, three-legged Head of Household to break that all-man alliance up.  I’ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the episode moves along.

There are a lot of trust issues in this house right now.  Sharon thinks she’s good with Ryan and their secret alliance.  She and Ryan discuss possibly back-dooring Adam.  Adam admits that he’s going to tell Ryan anything he needs to hear.  Sheila doesn’t know if she can trust anybody in the house.  Sheila also cries like a little girl.  Adam tells Sheila he will send Sharon home over her. 

Adam and Sheila: it is chain-link time.  Ha ha ha.  This makes me happy.  Sheila’s brain might explode.  Adam has a lot of fun with the chain.

Power of Veto time.  But first, Sharon and Ryan discuss how much they can trust Sheila and Adam.  Sharon tries hard to convince Ryan to get rid of Adam and Sheila.  Meanwhile, tethered in bed together, Sheila talks about how they are going to the final two together. 

Before the PoV, Sheila and Adam are untethered.  The PoV: frou quadrants sectioned off, pictures of horses everywhere.  There are five race horses – each player has to put a face of a jury member on the horse, plus two clues that pertain to that jury member.  The players have to put the horses together in the order of which the jury members were evicted. 

Ryan dominates the challenges and wins easily.  Now, it’s all in Ryan’s hands.  He controls who goes home.  He’s in a great spot – no matter what he does, he’ll essentially be saving someone who will be in the house after the eviction.

Ryan contemplates his decision.  Adam tells him that, if Ryan wants him too, he’ll vote Sheila off.  Adam tries to maybe strike a deal with Sharon, but when she hesitates, Adam gets suspicious.  Sharon then tells Ryan about this, that Adam will take Sheila to the final two over Ryan.  A lot of talk going on.  It seems most reasonable for Ryan to take Sharon off the block and out their alliance.  Sharon won’t turn on him, but Sheila and Adam will.  Seems like a slam dunk, right?  Ryan confronts Adam about the Sharon deal, and Adam totally denies it.  He’s adamant, but he’s not very believable – however, Ryan might be buying it. 

Julie talks to the house guests – this isn’t live, don’t be fooled, Big Brother fans.

Ryan decides not to use the Power of Veto. 

Adam votes to evict Sharon.  Sharon is gone.

Apparently, this was a shock and Sheila was supposed to go home. 

Time for Part 1 of the three-part HoH.  Round 1 winner advances to round 3, as does the round 2 winner. 

The competition is called “Up a Creek.”  All three players kneel on a boogie board while holding onto a rope while on a slip and slide.  Last player left holding wins.  The slip and slide rises, water flows down and everyone holds on.  And, I don’t think we’ll discover the winner until tomorrow.  We won’t. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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