Episode Overview: The houseguests play some hide and seek, Daniele declines to use the Power of Veto, and Jen doesn’t endear herself to anyone. 

Tuesday nights are Power of Veto nights on Big Brother, and that’s what the show mostly focused on tonight.  Thus far on Big Brother 8, the houseguests have been rather cordial with each other.  It’s weird, seeing the contestants not butting heads and generally getting along.  What follows is a non-chronological recap of tonight’s show. 

Jenny, You’re a Star

Jen, the 23-year-old nanny, is an enigma.  She’s either one of the dumbest people on earth, or she’s playing some weird game with people.  Or, she’s incredible delusional.  It’s hard to tell.  It begins with Nick flirting with all the girls in the house, especially Daniele, Jen, and Amber.  Joe, Jessica, and Jen discuss this (Nick’s flirting), when Jen all of a sudden blurts out that Nick attempted to make out with her.  Joe, sensing Jen is full of crap, immediately walks into the bedrooms and tells Nick of Jen’s proclamation.  Nick is incensed, because he did no such thing.  He immediately walks out and confronts Jen about it in front of everyone.  It’s clear that Jen is full of crap, but she doesn’t seem all that embarrassed about it. 

Throughout the rest of the episode, almost everyone in the house talks about how much they dislike Jen and are altogether sick of her.  Evil Dick absolutely despises her.  No one likes her.  Weirdly, through all this, Jen is unaffected and continues to act like the vapid, arrogant, self-centered person she is.  There’s a very good chance she’ll be heading home next week. 

Let’s Play Hide and Seek

The Power of Veto competition arrives.  The Head of Household (Kail) and the two nominated houseguests (Carol and Amber) compete, along with the randomly selected Daniele, Jameka, and Nick.  Jessica is chosen to host the competition and she leads the six participants outside to the backyard, while all the non-players are locked up in the HoH room. 

The name of the game is “Hide and Seek.”  To begin, each participant takes a turn going into the house to hide their own veto medal.  They get a minute to hide it in the best possible spot.  After all six vetoes are hidden, the houseguests take one-minute turns going into the house to try and find the vetoes.  The game stops once five medals are found.  Whoever’s veto isn’t found wins the Power of Veto.  Daniele wins.  This was one of my favorite competitions I’ve seen on Big Brother.  They completely tore up the house while playing, which was sweet. 

Amber’s Bizarre Behavior

Let’s take a second to ponder the woman who calls herself Amber.  She is clearly unbalanced.  She is always crying, or about to cry, or has just finished crying.  At one point, while flirting with Nick, she calls herself a nympho.  Next thing we know, she’s discussing the possibility that God presented her with a gift in the form of a nomination, so she can learn to deal with hardship later on in life.  Later, she lays alone on her bed, speaking out loud to God about the Power of Veto.  Nice lady, but bizarre. 

Daniele and the Power of Veto

Daniele ponders using the veto, but it seems pretty clear from the beginning that she’s not going to do anything with it.  Joe and Nick bring up the possibility of her using the veto so they can then get rid of Jen.  It’s an enticing thought, but she doesn’t seem to want to rely on Kail to nominate Jen.  She decides to not use the veto.  Carol and Amber remain on the chopping block.

America Demands a Sob Story 

Eric’s first task as “America’s Player” is to tell a made-up traumatic story from his past to a houseguest.  America chose the houseguest, and that houseguest is Kail.  Eric asks Kail to meet him in the HoH room.  Before entering he pours Visine in his eyes to create a crying effect.  He tells Kail about a high-school girlfriend who had an eating disorder and that the ex reminds him of Daniele and he’s worried about how skinny she is.  He pulls it off with flying colors.  Kail totally believes him and even seems to love Eric for how much he cares. 

On Thursday, we’ll get our first eviction of  the season.  Will it be Carol or Amber?  Who would you rather see go?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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