There haven’t been any big-time fireworks in the house just yet, but will that change tonight on Big Brother 8?  With Carol and Amber up on the chopping block, both have the chance to save themselves with tonight’s Power of Veto competition.  If they win, they are allowed to veto one of the Head of Household’s nominations (of course, if you’re a fan, you know this).  Will Evil Dick and daughter Daniele have a real conversation?  How about Dustin and Joe?  What will make Jen cry on tonight’s episode?  I’ll be updating live throughout the hour with all the action from the house.

I still can’t get over Jen crying last episode.  Has there been a funnier moment in Big Brother history?  Also, can we please hold off on the gonorrhea talk tonight?  I like Amber, but why does she always look like she’s just stopped crying?  OK, no more rhetorical questions.  I’m just bored by the “Previously On” segment.

Kail’s nominations were smart.  No way around it.  At this point, I don’t really have a preference as to who goes home.  We don’t know these people well enough just yet. 

To answer my previous question, it’s because she always is crying.

Whoa, there, Amber.  She talks about how her being up on the block was a gift from God to prepare her for hardships later in life.  I’m not so sure God is concerned with the Big Brother 8 nominations.  You never know, I guess.

I think Jessica has a lifetime supply of helium she’s hiding somewhere.

Dick tells a story about his son and they have a very close relationship.  It’s pretty cool: Kail and Dick are forming a little bond.

The girls and gay guys ogle Nick as he lifts weights outside.  Guess what?  It’s a segment on Nick flirting with the ladies.  He says that Daniele is his favorite. 

Uh-oh.  Jen spreads lies about Nick trying to make out with her.  Joe overhears this, and immediately tells Nick about it, who is flabbergasted.  He then straight goes out and calls Jen out on it, saying she’s a liar.  Weird stuff.

Jen is sort of a crazy person.  And, Joe seems to be a big fan of Nick.  Interesting goings on in the Big Brother house.

Jen and Nick have a private meeting in the storage room.  Jen tells Nick that she’s just jealous and that’s why she made up the lie.  Jen is totally unfazed by her own ridiculousness.

Everyone joins in on the Jen hate among the house guests.  Everyone is over Jen.

Amber sits by herself on her bed and speaks to God about the Power of Veto.  Is that weird? 

It’s now time to pick the Veto competition players.  The HoH, the two nominees, and three other players will compete in the Veto competition.  Nick, Daniele, and Jameka are the three other players. 

Jessica is hosting the competition, which is called “Hide and Seek.”  Cool.  The players take turns running into the house from the backyard and hiding a veto medal in the house.    Then, the players take turns getting a minute to search the house and find a veto.  The person whose hidden veto is found last wins the power of veto. 

Dick flips out, rightfully so in my opinion, at Jen in the HoH room with all the other non-Veto competitors. 

The hide and seekers totally rip the house apart.  Daniele finds the last veto. 

Daniele needs to put some meat on her bones.  She has so much more potential than what she’s showing right now.  Anyway, Daniele ends up winning the Power of Veto.  She probably won’t be using it. 

Time for Eric’s first “America’s Player” assignment.  He has to make up a traumatic story and tell it to Kail.  He uses some Visine to make himself look like he’s crying.  He tells a sob story in the HoH room about an old ex-girlfriend who had an eating disorder that reminds him of Daniele.  Kail seems to buy it.  Not bad.

Joe and Dustin have a talk.  They’re being civil with each other. 

Daniele, Nick and Joe share the hammock.  They’re trying to get her to use the veto so Jen can be put up on the block.  Everyone hates Jen. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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