Big Brother 8 is down to its final four and it’s all about the Donatos.  If they can keep winning competitions, they’ll be in the final two together.  Jameka hasn’t won a competition yet and doesn’t have much hope against three people who dominate the competitions.  Basically, it comes down to whether Zach can win some comps.  It’s him versus Dick and Daniele.  Tonight’s Big Brother episode featured the second to last HoH competition and the final nomination ceremony.  Tensions were high.

About Last Thursday

The show begins with a long recap of last Thursday’s live double eviction.  CBS did show us some important moments that led up to the live episode.  About one hour before the live show was about to air, Dick took Jameka into the storage room and offered her a deal: he and Daniele would keep her around, but if they do so, Jameka has to be at their whim until the final three.  Jameka immediately agrees to the offer and that was that.  We see Eric dropping a couple of “I love you” bombs to Jessica prior to her leaving the house.  She did reciprocate the “I love you” which was a bit awkward yet expected.  Daniele and Dick both admit that they didn’t feel good about getting rid of Jessica and Eric, it was just a strategic move they had to make. 

Zach is Good with Pictures 

Before the HoH competition, the memory wall is changed and fourteen new pictures from previous competitions are put up on the wall.  The houseguests are told to study these pictures for the HoH comp.  Eventually, Dick leads everyone outside for the HoH competition.  It’s a very simple game.  Daniele, Jameka and Zach stand at the bottom of their own set of steps.  Dick asks them a question about the memory wall pictures.  If they answer correctly, they move up a step.  First to reach the top of the steps (7 questions) wins.  Zach and Daniele both dominate, missing only one question each on their way to the top of the steps.  Since they are tied, they have to answer a tie-break question, which is “How many houseguests are there combined in the 14 memory wall pictures?”  Dani answers 58 and Zach answers 59.  The answer is 69 and Zach wins Head of Household.  Daniele is super upset with herself and sulks.

Zach Does the Right Thing 

The remainder of the episode is the quick evolution of Dick/Daniele’s relationship with Zach as they figure out that he’s going to nominate the two of them.  Dick initially believes that Zach will stick to their plan and vote out Jameka.  Which would be a crazy thing for Zach to do, but anyway it’s Dani who figures out Zach’s true intentions.  Danie and Dick are irrationally angry with Zach for even contemplating putting both of them up.  When the nomination ceremony comes and Zach does indeed nominate the Donatos, Dick and Daniele are incredulous.  Zach thinks it was the smartest thing he could do strategically.  It all comes down to Tuesday’s PoV competition.  If Jameka or Zach win, one of the Donatos will be evicted.  If Dick or Daniele win, we can say goodbye to Jameka.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer   (Image Courtesy of RealityTV Magazine)

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