While Age of Love was possibly successful in finding tennis star Mark Philippoussis a mate, it’s looking like the show might not necessary have been a rousing success for his career development.

His behavior and persona on Age of Love turned off a lot of viewers. While he did find some new fans from the audience, it doesn’t seem likely there will be enough of a positive response demanding more reality time with Mark. And the stint on a reality dating show certainly didn’t impress the tennis world which has already had its doubts about his commitment to the sport.

However, Mark is determined to refocus his career on tennis, and he’s starting to make the comeback he promised earlier this year. He might have found love with Amanda Salinas, but he remains passionate about tennis, saying “The biggest thing for me is I love the game and I miss the game.”

He has signed on to play in an over-30’s tournament in Texas next month. The event is not of the same level or stature, however, as the events he used to participate in, but he insists this is just an opportunity to test out his fitness prior to working his way back to the major events. (It’s fitting, somehow, that his comeback after Age of Love will be for an older age-bracket event!)

He says that it actually has not been his injured knee delaying his return, saying “My knee is doing great. The only reason I haven’t been playing is my back has been hurting. So I’ve just been taking care of that and making sure when I do get back on the court, it’s 100 per cent.”

He’s continued to train with Andre Agassi’s conditioner, Gil Reyes, and says “I’ve been in Vegas out on the court with Andre now and again and in the gym with Gil. I’ve been trying to do everything I can to work hard.”

Whether his efforts will pay off remains to be seen, but maybe with new flame Amanda supporting his efforts, he can make his desired return to the big time of tennis

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Brisbane Times
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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV