Four housemates left in the Big Brother house and two of them are related.  Who do you think are the favorites to make the final two?  Here’s the deal: the Head of Household competition this week is not the important one.  If either Daniele or Dick win the Power of Veto competition, they assure two spots in the final three.  Furthermore, if Zach is this week’s HoH AND Dick or Daniele win the Power of Veto, they assure themselves a spot in the final two.  Simple as that.  But, as we all know, anything can happen in this game.  We can’t hand the $500,000 to one of the Donatos just yet.  I’ll be here throughout the hour giving live updates on tonight’s show.

Looks like we’ll be starting late today because of the U.S. Open.  I’m currently watching a feature on 60 Minutes about how difficult technology is to understand and how people can’t figure out how to use TVs and phones and remote controls.  Really, guys?  We can’t figure out how to hook up our TVs?  Is this what it’s come to?

Still watching 60 Minutes here and I can’t believe Andy Rooney’s exhumed corpse is still allowed on TV. 

And, finally we’re ready to start Big Brother.  A big HoH comp is coming today, but if Dick and Dani know what they’re doing, it pales in comparison to the importance of the final Veto competition. 

Daniele says she felt really bad about voting Jessica out on Thursday.  I agree that they did what they had to do.

Eric dropped the “I love you,” to Jessica a couple times before she left.  Jess didn’t reciprocate the sentiment.  I’m still really pleased with Eric’s reactions to last Thursday’s  events.  He was very humble and understanding about what went down. 

Jameka made a deal with Dick an hour before the live show.  In return for keeping her in the game, Dick and Daniele control Jameka’s vote for the next two evictions.  We’ll see if she sticks to her word.

If Eric had won that HoH, things would have been a lot more interesting.  Dick got lucky on that last question, even he admitted it. 

You know they don’t have a lot of content for tonight’s show when they have this long of a recap of last show.  It’s been almost ten minutes now.

And, the thing is, Zach should have used that PoV and gotten Dani out of the game. 

Zach is upset that Dick and Daniele aren’t including him in their powwows.

Ha.  Daniele describes Zach as that friend on your cell phone who, when he calls, you ignore it and listen to the voicemail.

The memory wall was changed around to fourteen new pictures.  They’re all action shots from various competitions.  The HoH competition involves the pictures in some wayu, all the houseguests know is that they have to study the pics. 

The HoH competition is very simple.  Jameka, Daniele, and Zach all stand at the bottom of their own set of stairs.  They have to answer questions about the memory wall pictures.  Every time they get a question right, they take one step up. First person to get seven questions right wins. 

Zach and Dani reach the top at the same time, and they go into a tie-breaker question.  They have to guess the total number of houseguests in all of the pictures combined.  Zach guesses 59, Dani guesses 58.  The answer was 69.  Zach is the new HoH.  Daniele is pissed after she loses.  She almost breaks into tears.  Dick does his best to cheer her up, but Dani is certifiably pissed.

Dani uses the phrase “bitter grapes”.  I like it.  Consider it part of my vernacular.  Zach gets a letter from his parents that makes him emotional.  The big man starts crying in his HoH room. 

Dick campaigns to Zach about getting Jameka out.  I don’t understand how Dick and Daniele haven’t figured this out: Zach HAS to put up Dick and Daniele.  He can’t compete for next week’s HoH and if Dick and Daniele are still around, he’s automatically gone.  Am I missing something here?

Zach, finally, talks to Jameka and tells her that he’s going to put the Donatos up on the block and he needs Jameka to kick ass in the PoV competition.

Daniele and Zach have a contentious discussion in the Head of Household.  Both of them are calling each other out and it actually gets ugly.  Zach is portraying himself as a victim, kind of, but I can’t figure out what he’s trying to argue.  It probably was the final nail in the coffin that convinces Zach to nominate Dick and Daniele. 

Dick makes one last plea to Zach, but it doesn’t go well. 

Time for nominations.  I think we all know where this is going.  Zach nominates Dick and Daniele.  Zach makes a speech about “playing the game” and whatnot.  He also says that Jameka has “restored his faith in God.”  Dick and Daniele knew it was coming and are not happy about the nominations.    

Zach calls it unfair that they have dominated the game so far.   That doesn’t make any sense.  Dick and Daniele are incredulous.  And that’s the episode.  Tuesday will see the PoV competition, which will quite literally decide the fate of the game. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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