The information drought is about to end for Lost fans.  Not only has the Lost panel finally been officially booked for the San Diego comic-con, it has been conspicuously advertised as the “Lost Season Four” panel, meaning impatient fans might be in store for an information overload.  Here are a few items to look out for in particular.
Co-Creator Damon Lindelof and Co-Show Runner Carlton Cuse have already stated on various occasions that they will discuss the Season Three finale at the convention for the first time.  Don’t expect firm answers, but the creators will surely be in their usual Comic-Con induced sharing mood and might let slip some juicy bits of info regarding the impact of the finale on Season Four.  But pay close attention, sometimes they hide their biggest reveals under faux hyperbole.

One case was at last year’s Comic-Con when Carlton Cuse began to talk about time running differently outside of the island.  Lindelof’s panicked interruptions and pleas of “Not yet, not yet!” were perceived as bad acting, and some fans took the revelation as bit of melodramatic live theatre with no real bearing.  The fans who didn’t had the last laugh when Lost began dealing with those issues prominently in the second pod of the third season.

Since the panel is now officially dubbed a “Lost Season Four” panel, we can surely expect major revelations about what the flash forward sequence will mean for the temporal devices of the show, and possibly even get a few words on where some of the characters journeys are going.

One rumor that has crept from some dark corner of the Internet is that the Lost gang will be premiering the first episode of the long awaited Mobisodes.  The Lost Mobisodes will apparently feature primary cast members captured in candid moments, with fragments of a revealing underlying bit of mythology mixed in.

The Lost season four panel will take place on July 26, at 5:00pm est.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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