Episode Overview:  The enemies discuss their relationships, the food competition gets a little buttery, and Kail nominates two housemates for elimination.

Free from the requisite exposition of the premiere episode, Big Brother 8 stepped into action earlier tonight with the second episode of its season.  The relationships of the various houseguests receive the most play.  The relationship that will receive the most scrutiny (and screen time) is the Daniele/Evil Dick father/daughter conundrum.  There’s no place like under the voyeuristic eyes of a nation to mend strained familial relations.

The Faux-Rock Star, Name-Dropping Evil Dick and His Skinny-Hot Daughter Daniele

So, that’s where the night begins, on an extended look at Daniele and Dick, almost immediately after they meet face to face in the house for the first time.  Daniele, first, explains their relationship: Dick was never truly a father to her, she grew up with her grandparents, and although they sued to speak and be “friends” she stopped talking to him because he was mean.  One of the first things Dick says to her when they get alone is that she looks skinny, especially in the face.  For some reason, I found that moment fairly touching, probably because it’s the type of thing that someone says to someone else when they actually care. 

Things remain touchy between them throughout the episode.  Later on, they talk some more and come to what appears to be an iffy truce.  Daniele tells Dick that he may be coming on too strong with some of the other houseguests and that he may want to scale it back a bit.  I’d love to see these two form an alliance.

Daniele warns America, via the Interview Room, that her dad is a big-time namedropper.  And, CBS shows us proof with a montage of Dick dropping names, from Johnny Depp to Bam Margera.  Dick says he hangs out with a lot of famous people.  The likelihood of this is probably low.       

The Gonorrhea-Fueled Dispute Between Joe and Dustin

Joe, throughout the episode, is completely and utterly abusive towards Dustin.  Immediately after they meet face to face, Joe once again tells the story of Dustin giving him gonorrhea in front of most of the house.  Meanwhile, Dustin quietly denies this while cowering in the bedroom, listening on.  Needless to say, Joe is pissed off that Dustin is in the house.  Initially, he won’t speak to Dustin, yelling at him to get out of his face.  Near the end of the episode, Joe relents and the two share a discussion together in the hammock.  They are unable to reconcile much, however, but seem interested in coexisting peacefully.

The Indifferent Rivalry of Carol and Jessica

The relationship between these two is laughably mild compared to the volatility of the other two “enemy” couples, and they know it.  They immediately have a discussion and make amends, sort of.  Carol is mostly indifferent and isn’t interested in being friends, per se, but doesn’t care about delving into the past.  Jessica is quick to make amends outwardly, but inside the interview room she’s somewhat catty towards Carol.  She wishes bad things upon her, but for the most part, there shouldn’t be any dust-ups between the two.

HoH Room and the Pictures…Oh, The Pictures 

Kail receives the key to the HoH room and heads up there with everyone to check out the digs.  The room is blue and bland, but in a German/metallic/practical sort of way.  There are pictures of her three kids and her youthful looking husband.  Nothing special, and it seems as if Kail has given everyone free reign of the HoH room whenever they want it.  Later, the wall pictures of the houseguests appear inside the house.  Everyone rushes inside to take a look at the pictures.  The reactions are typical (happy, bemused, joking) until Jen sees her head shot.

Even considering that Jen is an imbecilic, vapid, arrogant wannabe model, her reaction is astounding.  Jen doesn’t like her picture, says it’s the worst picture she’s ever taken, and makes a big deal out of it.  I couldn’t find anything wrong with the picture; it looked like Jen.  Anyway, after a few seconds she starts bawling.  That’s right, tears are streaming like Foz de Iguaçu down her cheeks and the other houseguest look on bewildered.  She cries and cries, eventually taking it to the Interview Room where she cries some more.

Amber’s Mane of Buttery Goo

The first food competition of the night commences, with a week full of Big Brother slop the penalty.  The teams are split into two.  Kail takes them outside.  The contest involves butter.  Lots of butter.  Each team has to transport butter from one end of a runway to a huge popcorn bucket on the other side of the runway using only their bodies.  One person works the butter lever (on top of a huge butter dispenser) while the others alternate between receiving butter on their bodies and attempting wring the butter from their teammates bodies into the bag.  Whichever team has the most butter in their bag when the butter sounds gets to eat normal food for the next week.  The blue team loses, which I believe consists of Daniele, Jameka, Joe, Jen and Nick.  I’m not completely sure, though.  It went by pretty quick.  Amber was the all-star for the other team, thanks to her huge mane of hair that allowed a vast amount of butter saturation. 

The “Mrs. Robinson Alliance” and Our First Nominations

Kail is a scheming little minx.  She brings in Mike and they discuss forming an alliance.  Both agree that they trust the other and that both seem like good game players.  Kail states her desire to bring in Zach and Nick in as the two other parts in her proposed four-way alliance.  Zach is on board next, and then Nick jumps in.  They dub themselves the “Mrs. Robinson Alliance”, with Kail bringing in all the young guys.

Kail has trouble coming up with her first two nominations.  It’s so early in the game and she has no real reason to get rid of anybody.  When it comes to the ceremony, Kail comes up with a solid, if not random, rationale for the nominations.  Because she was chosen to be HoH after she won the mushroom challenge, Kail nominates Carol and Amber, because they were the first partners eliminated from that same challenge.  Both Carol and Amber are unhappy with the nominations, but it’s hard to blame Kail at this point. 

On Tuesday’s episode we should see the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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