Air travel can be a stressful enterprise.  Just ask the one and only Clay Aiken, American Idol runner-up.  It’s being reported today that over the weekend Clay Aiken was involved in a dispute with a woman while aboard a Continental flight to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Details are vague, but the gist seems to be something like this: Aiken was resting his foot on the armrest of a woman sitting next to him.  The woman took offense, and out started a fracas.  There didn’t appear to be much physical contact, although there were allegations of a “minor shove” towards Aiken. 

With America on Terror Alert: Color Periwinkle, or something to that effect, the FBI immediately became involved upon hearing reports of the in-air incident.  Passengers on the Tulsa flight were not allowed to exit the plane immediately, but instead were questioned by the Feds.  No arrests were made.  Aiken was on his way to a concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He did end up performing at that concert in Tulsa, at the Brady Theater.  Concert-goers have been quoted as saying that Aiken openly joked about being beaten up by a woman earlier that day.  Either Aiken was being a good sport about it, or he made a calculated move to attempt and diffuse the situation.  Probably the former.

But, let’s examine this story a bit, shall we?  Airplanes are familiar territory for lots of people.  To these people, let’s pose this question: When is it ever okay to put your foot/leg on someone’s armrest?  The answer is “never”.  Clay Aiken should be relieved he only got a little shove from what was probably a kind old lady*.  He’s lucky he didn’t get a Judo Chop to the Xiphoid Process.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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*This is conjecture.

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV