Jessica is the Head of Household on Big Brother 8, nominating Dick and Daniele.  Jessica wants Daniele out, Dick wants Dick out (or, at least, he’d prefer that over Daniele being evicted).  Based on the America’s Player vote, viewers want Dustin out.  I want America out of this game.  If you’re not going to play fair, you shouldn’t be allowed to play at all, and as we’ll see, America is playing dirty.

Post-nomination, Dick and Daniele are finally waking up to the realization that they can’t trust anyone in the house.  Welcome to the game, idiots.  Dick says his daughter can only  trust Zach, which, based on what we’ve seen, is just an unusual, under-the-radar alliance.  He gets misty-eyed over his reconciliation with his daughter, and if he hadn’t been so obnoxious for so long, I might care.

Dick Goes Nuts

Dick’s goal is to get the other HGs to despise him.  It makes you wonder what he’s been trying to do before this.  His plan is essentially to go insane.  He bangs pots and pans over a sleeping Dustin and taunts Dustin, Jameka, Amber and Eric.  I have to say, he was a lot meaner before, now it’s just kind of cartoonish.  On the bright side, he swears on Amber’s daughter’s life to annoy her, which is genuinely funny.   Weird: I hate Dick when he’s being himself, but when he’s actually trying to be obnoxious, he’s amusing.

Drinking Cocktails and Hitting Balls

In the veto competition, the players are Jessica, Dick, Daniele, Jameka, Dustin and Zach.  The players are called, one by one, outside.  They must drink something nasty in order to win hits of a croquet ball.  A bacon, egg and orange juice cocktail messes up Jameka, who hates chunks.  Most of the drinks are plays on the old “put a meal in a blender” game, like hot dogs and soda or a burger and fries.  Zach just kind of gives up, since his strategy is to be as uninvolved in the game as possible.  It’s a pretty good idea.

Of the 10 concoctions, they get one hit for each one they drink.  Then they hit the ball through the wickets, with one point per wicket, and a fifth if they hit a stake.  Zach has just three, Jameka has four, and Jessica has five.  Jessica is quite good, and if she had more shots, she could’ve won it.  Daniele has seven hits and takes the lead.  Dustin and Dick both drank everything, so it’s a matter of who hits their balls the best.  Dick wins by a point, and continues insulting everyone.  By constantly calling Dustin “princess” and mocking Jameka’s belief in Jesus, he may be among the first people to be protested by both gay and Christian organizations.  At least those two warring factions have some common ground.

Daniele Sucks

Daniele goes on a crying streak, complaining about how no one talks to her because of what her father does.  She’s right, but she’s yelling at the wrong people.  The reason they take it all out on her is because she is aligned with her father.  Everyone hates her father, she loves her father, it only makes sense that they don’t talk to her, because they know she’ll tell it all to her father and he’ll use it against them.

Eric brings up the fact that Dick is attacking Dustin’s homosexuality, Amber’s motherhood, Jameka’s religion, and Eric’s character.  Eric makes sense when he explains how these things should make her disgusted by him.  Yes, it’s different for her because what happens with her dad in the game will have effects outside for her as a person.  I understand it makes for compelling television, but it severely hurts the game when you fill the house with this much emotional baggage.

Daniele loses all goodwill when she confesses in the diary room that her blow up was part strategy to save herself once her dad is gone.  Daniele asks Dick to stop (for real) and he agrees to it.  There’s a whole lot of stuff going on here,and it’s nearly impossible to tell where genuine emotion ends and pure game strategy begins.

Shut Up, America

For the America’s Player task, the vote is for Eric to give the silent treatment to Jessica, his closest lady friend in the house.  So last week you want him to promise to take her to the final two, now you want him to ignore her?  Eric is equally disgusted, but covers it surprisingly nicely, vowing to earn America’s respect.  His plan is to hide in his bed for as long as possible.  It fails, but Eric refusing to talk to her makes her think he has a deal with Dick.  See what you’ve done, America!  You’re making a cute 21-year-old girl upset!

We interrupt this recap for a rant from the writer: That’s it, America, we’re done.  I sat by when you elected George W. Bush in 2000.  I didn’t move to Canada when, somehow, you re-elected him in 2004.  But now this?  The idea was intriguing at first: we get to play the game.  The problem is America isn’t playing the game by proxy, but the voters are now actively trying to destroy Eric’s strategy.  He’s being torpedoed, and even if you hate him, you have to admit that it’s unfair.  He should have a chance to win half a million dollars, but he won’t not because of his actions, but because of America’s.  It’s a damn shame, and he deserves an escape clause, because it’s past playful manipulation and turned to cruel and unusual punishment for him.  I’m sure plenty of you hate Eric for some reason and think this is perfectly fair, but it’s just plain mean.  Rant over.

Dustin is About to Get Dicked

Dick, naturally and fatherly, takes his daughter off the block.  Jessica puts Dustin up, and it’s trouble.  Dustin fake cries in the diary room, and is way too confident.  Dick realizes the truth – the pawn always goes home.  Obviously Jen, Zach and Daniele will vote for Dick to stay, Amber and Jameka will vote for Dick to go.  The problem is America’s vote.  If the vote is for Dick to go, then Eric is breathing easy, as Jessica casts the tie breaker and Dick is gone.  If America votes for Dustin (as they did to get him nominated), then he’s gone.  And Eric is screwed, because everyone will suspect him, and we’ll have to suffer through even more Dick.  Thursday is gonna be bad.  Do you really want to see how much more insufferable Dick can get?  I like to think America will finally wise up, but as H.L. Mencken said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

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