There are a few things we can count on for every episode of Big Brother 8.  Amber is going to cry, Dick is going to yell at someone, Jen is going to say some dumb things, Nick and Daniele will flirt.  Now, we have another one: Jameka will bring God into the equation, whatever situation it may be.  Jameka and Kail have formed a Godly duo, discussing their faith and its Big Brother implications.  In fact, it was the focal point of tonight’s episode.  Tonight was Power of Veto night, including both the competition and ceremony. 

Kail and Jen Resume their Familiar Positions

We pick up where we left off on Sunday, when Dustin put Kail and Jen back on the block for the second consecutive week.  Dick is pumped about the two nominees, seeing as they were the same ones he made.  Kail thinks that Dustin is using her as a pawn, but notes how the pawn is usually the one to get evicted.  Dustin thinks that Zach, Nick, and Jen are in an alliance and he wants one of them gone on Thursday.  Dustin tells Kail that Zach is his real target this week and that he wants her to fight hard for veto.  Jen actually breaks down and cries after the nomination ceremony, playing the drama queen part and trying, unsuccessfully, to gain some sympathy votes. 

“God is so gangsta.” – Jameka

The big through-line of tonight’s episode was Jameka’s faith.  Here’s why: during the choosing of the veto players, Jen picked Jameka’s ping pong ball out of the bag.  Because of this, Jameka claims that God wants her to represent Jen in the veto competition.  So, if Jameka wins the competition, she’s going to take Jen off the block, no questions asked.  For very very obvious reason, pretty much everyone in the house is confounded by this line of reasoning.  I think Dick summed it up best when he said that God has better things to worry about than the ping pong balls on Big Brother.  But, Jameka is adamant in her decision, and eventually, exasperated, the houseguests accept her decision because they have to.  Also selected to compete in the veto competition are Jessica and Daniele, to go along with Jen, Kail and Dustin.

Dustin Likes Money More than Veto Power

The Power of Veto competition took place inside the Big Brother living room, which had been transformed into an art gallery.  Everyone was given wine and cheese and Eric, the host, explained the game.  Each player started with 1000 Big Brother bucks.  The contestants would see a picture puzzle on the board and try to decipher it’s meaning.  Each puzzle corresponded with a Big Brother phrase (i.e. “Head of Household”).  Every correct question gave was rewarded with a certain dollar amount.  If you answered the question wrong, you were eliminated from the game and the players moved on to the next puzzle.  Dustin was kicking everyone’s ass for most of the game, but he fell victim to the contest’s wrinkle:  every so often, the players would be allowed to purchase a prize with their Big Brother bucks.  When a trip to Barbados was offered, Dustin took it.  Later, when all he had to do was sit tight to win, Dustin relinquished the dollar lead by purchasing $5,000.  So, by default, Jameka ended up winning.  Everyone was pissed at Dustin afterwards for being so greedy and giving up the PoV.  Amber cried.

Jameka Follows Through

Dustin brought all of his vague alliance members (Jameka, Dick, Daniele, Amber, Jessica, and Eric) into the HoH to discuss the replacement nominee, should Jameka follow through on her plan to take Jen off the block.  Dustin tells them that their two options are Zach and Nick.  The general consensus is that they want to Nick to go up.  Daniele is very upset at this thought and leaves the room.  She locks herself in a bathroom stall, devastated.  The PoV ceremony comes and Jameka does indeed take Jen off the block.  Dustin, in turn, puts up Nick.  At this point, it’s hard to know who they’ll evict on Thursday.  Perhaps you live feeders know the truth.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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