It’s Groundhog Day on Big Brother 8.  One week after Head of Household Dick nominated Kail and Jen for eviction, Dustin, the new HoH, nominated Kail and Jen for eviction.  The lines become incredibly clear in this episode as we see the same four people targeted throughout for nominations, slop and everything else.  We’re in that awkward stage where we all know who’s going home for the next three or four weeks, and it’s just a matter of seeing it play out and hoping there’s some sort of strategy earthquake to shake it all up.

The rest of the episode deals with the fallout of Mike’s eviction, leading to an inquisition over who supplied the second vote for him to stay, as well of plenty of crying, from at least three different houseguests, and yes, one of them is Amber.

Who Does Number Two Work For?

In the aftermath of Mike’s eviction by a vote of 7-2, speculation runs rampant in the house as to who the second vote for Kail to go was, because everyone knows that Zach was one.  Dick instantly accuses Jen, because he’s still feeling the remnants of power from his week as HoH and enjoys intimidating people.  Jen denies it, truthfully, but Dick ain’t buying it.  We, of course, know that America voted for Eric to boot Kail, but the houseguests are confused.

Amber and Jameka happen upon a strong hypothesis – it was Nick.  His instant denials and his former ties to the now dead Mrs. Robinson Alliance make him suspect number one.  Suddenly everyone from Dustin and Daniele to Dick are jumping on this bandwagon, believing that Nick is a flip-flopper.  It’s kind of rewarding to know that the America’s Player twist is actually causing drama in the house, and Eric is playing it very nicely.

Dustin Time

As the new HoH, Dustin goes into hyper mode.  He’s jazzed and over the moon, and he’s most happy to show Amber, his BFF in the house, pictures of his “fam-fam.”  Yes, he calls his family “fam-fam,” and it makes me lose what little respect I had for him as a human being.  Speaking of Amber, upon Dustin winning, she starts crying.  That’s one.

According to Dustin, there are four primary targets for eviction: Jen, Kail, Zach and Nick.  I instantly pray one of them gets HoH next week, because otherwise the next few weeks will just consist of the others picking off those four one by one.  In the HoH room, everyone gets a look at Dustin’s parents and brother.  Kail is amazed his parents seem so happy despite the “choices” their son made.  We get it Kail, you’re super religious and don’t like homosexuality.  I want to like you, but then you say stuff like that and it becomes harder to ignore your flaws.  Meanwhile, Amber spreads her contagious crying germ to Dustin, who reads a letter from his brother and turns into a blubbering mess.

The Dick Show, Week 2

You’d think after last week all the annoying drama involving Dick would be resolved, but no.  First, we get a glimpse of what the live feed watchers have been enjoying for a while – The Dick at Night Show.  When the other HGs are asleep, Dick entertains online voyeurs with his antics.  We’re treated to him messing with the faucet, then see Daniele get sprayed the next morning.

Then he redeems himself by giving voice to the majority reaction to Amber, who says she thinks of her dog like her daughter, and loves them both the same.  Dick tries extensively to get her to see the error of her ways and admit that her own daughter is at least slightly more important to her than her dog.  Amber doesn’t give in.

Then we’re treated to yet another round of very special daddy-daughter moments.  Dick tries to talk to his daughter, Daniele cries and whines that he doesn’t understand her.  She cries, he understands, they deal with it, and nothing is fixed.  Based on what we’ve seen, there is very little hope for those two to have a successful father-daughter relationship.

Come On, Do the Humpty Scramble

Time for this week’s food competition, and once again we’re treated to hilarious costumes and bad puns.  Dustin dresses up as a king, with a crown, robe and scepter.  Interestingly, he chooses to only wear shorts, so it has a real “emperor’s new clothes” feel.  The other HGs team up, and must dig through a pile of puzzle pieces and put together a Humpty Dumpty sculpture.  Among the most hilarious teams is enemies Kail and Dick.

After being on slop for the past two weeks, th team of Jessica and Jameka win, and must choose five HGs to be on slop.  They first pick Evil Dick, who has never been on slop.  When they call him E.D., it becomes clear that Evil (or Evel) isn’t the best nickname for him, given the obvious implications of those initials.  Next, the two choose, of course, the same four people considered for eviction: Kail, Jen, Nick and Zach.  It’s easy to see where the rest of this week is going.

Oy, With the Poodles Already

The next America’s Player challenge is up, and it’s a doozy.  Eric must start using a new catch phrase in the house, and we are given three choices.  “Sweet chicken!” is the first option, “Booyakah” is second (Ali G-inspired, no doubt), followed by “I’d do that for a dollar” (which will obviously winner.  The problem with this is that, for the first time, he has a task that will obviously draw unnecessary attention to him and make people suspicious of what he’s doing.  But given how he handled the “vote to evict Kail” debacle, he’ll probably make it work.  By the way, extra kudos to any readers who understand the reference in the title of this section.

Pointless Nomination Strategies

Kail tries her best to get Dustin to nominate Dick.  He maintains that she is weak, feeble, desperate and annoying, and all too willing to exploit her.

Dustin then talks to Jen, trying to find out more about that eviction vote.  Dustin says it’s not like someone came in from outside the house to vote to evict Kail, and we laugh because he’s not that far off.  They bring up Jen’s mustard vandalism, and she posits maybe they were the same person.  They’re so close to figuring it out, yet so far.

Eric’s America’s Player assignment: get Jen nominated.  Easy as pie.  He, Jameka, Dustin, Dick and Daniele haven an outside pow-wow to discuss the options, and again, it’s down to the same four.  Eric provides countless scenarios wherein they use the veto to backdoor anyone they want, and Dick is smitten with Eric’s gameplay.

After all that, Jen and Kail are nominated again.  Poor girls.  This game needs to be shaken up, because right now there’s a cabal of six or seven people running the show.

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