Comicon brought copious revelations for Lost fans who have been suffering through months of ‘radio silence’ since the series ended its third season on an enigmatic note.  Probably the most talked about revelation of the night was the short clipped played at the end of the panel as Lost‘s Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, and Harold Perrineau exited stage left.  The clip featured an iconic figure in the Lost mythology, and revealed some new information which may, or may not, be of huge importance to those trying to decode just what is going on with the island.

The film is essentially outtakes from a new orientation film for a Dharma station named “The Orchid.”  The man preparing to deliver the monologue is familiar by face, but for the third time has changed his name.  Originally, we knew him as Dr. Marvin Candle, then Dr. Mark Wickmund, now he is Dr. Edgar Hollowax. 

Hollowax is given a bunny with the number 15 stenciled into its fur.  He begins to describe the nature of the island as possessing a natural Casimir effect.  Before he can say more about the effect, objects begin to fall and claxons begin to sound in the background. The camera pans up to an identical bunny with the number 15 that seems to have appeared from nowhere.  Hollowax backs away in fear urging his assistant not to allow the two rabbits to touch.

Season three introduced the theme of time travel to Lost’s plot, mostly via the character of Desmond, who not only traveled through time but developed the ability to see into the future.  Various other subtle clues have lead Lost theorists to suspect that the island has some sort of time/space warping mechanism.  When the discovery was made that an identical Oceanic 815 had crashed and everybody on board was killed, some wild eyed theorists even suggested that the island existed in a parallel universe.

It was not long before Lost fans had turned to their most coveted research resource, Wikipedia, and discovered that the Casimir effect, amongst other things, is thought to be capable of stabilizing worm holes.  The appearance of duplicates, and Hollowax’s concern of them coming into contact with each other, could very well bolster the theory that there really is an Oceanic 815 sitting at the bottom of the ocean outside the Island’s field of influence.

If this were the case, imagine if the mysterious freighter that Naomi promised was coming to rescue them is full of individuals as concerned as Dr. Hollowax about duplicate 815r’s making their way out into the world again.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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