After conquering the third season of The Next Food Network Star, Amy Finley will soon be featured on her own television show. Looking back at her intense journey and the unexpected circumstances that led to her triumph on the competitive reality series, the mother of two from San Diego, California is now very much eager to continue to demonstrate her passion for cooking in front of the camera.

In an interview with TV Guide, Finley has hinted some details about her upcoming show and her motivation to take on such an endeavor.

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Aside from her cooking skills, one thing that landed Finley on the top spot is her enjoyment for food. As a mother, she naturally takes delight in preparing simple yet beautiful dishes for her family. Evidently, this is also the main purpose of her new TV show.

“To have fun, when the camera comes on and there’s an audience in front of you, my goal is to have a good time and teach.  I have a teacher mom and a strong teacher side to me, because I am completely passionate about my food and about cooking and I want people to catch that passion,” the Next Food Network Star winner said.

At present, she is still unaware of the specifics of her new show but has disclosed about its concept.

“Obviously during the show, we started working on each of our individual concepts, and I came up with The Gourmet Next Door, which is based on the idea of making French-inspired cuisine more accessible for a home cook, which is the way I cook at home.  I think we’re going to roll with something like that.  What the show title will be, I don’t know.  We don’t have an exact date yet, although it will be premiering sometime this fall,” Finley revealed.

Like last year’s Next Food Network Star winner, Finley will also be featured in a total of six episodes.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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