Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 19 will include the Final 5 Power of Veto and eviction, plus the crucial Final 4 HoH competition. But CBS pre-traped the episode on Tuesday, and thanks to spoilers we know what happened, who went home and who is guaranteed a spot in the Final 3.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Paul won the Power of Veto.

He did not use it.

Alex was evicted with a split vote and Josh broke the tie.

Paul is the Final 4 HoH.

These spoilers come from the same Reddit user who correctly spoiled Megan’s self-eviction before the live feeds started and the Battle Back and subsequent HoH results, so they seem reliable.

Apparently it was the same Final 4 HoH competition that Paul won last year, the What the Bleep quiz. If true, that makes three quiz based HoH competitions in a row following the Fake News true or false competition in the double eviction and the Revengers trailer quiz.

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Alex’s eviction is a bit surprising since it was a split vote and, despite occasional claims that Josh would save her and evict Kevin, he decided to evict Alex anyway. Paul winning HoH is no surprise at all.

Now it all comes down to the Power of Veto. If Kevin wins it, he’ll probably evict Josh. If anyone else wins it, Kevin will likely be evicted and the Misfit trio of Paul and JoshMas will be the Final 3. That’s probably going to happen because, thus far, everything has happened exactly as Paul wanted.


-Paul is now tied with Janelle Pierzina for the most career total competition wins at 13 (they both have 6 HoHs and 7 PoVs). Paul still has two opportunities to beat her with the Final 4 PoV and the Final 3 HoH.

-Paul is also only the fifth HG ever to win 7 competitions in a single season (he’s at 3 HoHs and 4 PoVs). The others are season 7’s Janelle Pierzina (at 9), season 16’s Frankie Grande (at 8), then season 8’s Daniele Donato and season 17’s Vanessa Rousso also at 7 wins.

-With this win, Paul joins season 3’s Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy, plus season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur, as the only HGs to reach the Final 3 without ever being on the block (assuming you don’t count Cody’s failed attempt to nominate him in week 1). However, none of those three managed to win the Final HoH.

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