After years of urging and hoping from fans, it’s finally happening. Big Brother will be hosting a celebrity edition of the game. There aren’t many details and it’s still a ways off but Celebrity Big Brother will be happening for the first time (in America) this upcoming winter. While it’s unlikely that Big Brother will find any really big stars to appear on the show, there are a few well-known super-fans who would be perfect in the house.

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Bobby Moynihan

Bobby is probably the star who most immediately pops to mind based on his recent (and hilarious) appearance on Big Brother 19. Bobby had an incredible amount of fun when he hosted a Power of Veto competition and he immediately cut through the crap in the Diary Room by blatantly stating how everyone in the house was an idiot for trusting Paul. Bobby is at the right level of fame where it would be reasonable for him to appear on a celebrity reality show.

The only big hang-up is his new CBS comedy, Me, Myself and I. Although the show is about one character through three different stages in his life (meaning that three different actors play him), Bobby is the undeniable face. It would be in CBS’ best interest to have Bobby on Celebrity Big Brother because it’s great cross-promotion, but it just might not be feasible.

However, if the UK versions of Celebrity Big Brother are anything to go by, the season will be incredibly short. Across the pond, Celebrity Big Brother seasons typically last less than a month and can even be as short as 18 days. While not confirmed, it’s likely that Celebrity Big Brother will run while the Winter Olympics are on and scripted TV is in hiatus. It wouldn’t be inconceivable for the schedules to work out. 

Sheryl Crow

A lot of fans might not remember, or perhaps weren’t even watching at the time, but Sheryl Crow has appeared on Big Brother. The singer/songwriter performed for the house during Big Brother 3. Sheryl admitted she was a huge fan of the show and wanted to participate in some small way. With Celebrity Big Brother, she has a real chance to be involved. 

If Sheryl has been watching ever since, and there’s nothing to suggest she hasn’t, she would be an incredible addition to the game. Big Brother typically only has contestants who have just watched the previous three seasons, if any. Sheryl has been there from the very beginning. A player who knows the game is something the show needs in any season, especially a celebrity version. 

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris would be a huge get for Celebrity Big Brother because he’s an undeniably big star. Yet he’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Neil was part of the CBS family for years on How I Met Your Mother and he appeared on the show during Big Brother 8. NPH has a self-proclaimed obsession with the reality series and this could be his chance to put the obsession into action. Since he doesn’t have many long term commitments besides Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events he might even have the time to do it. 

Neil would be terrific. He not only knows the game well but he has so much experience as a host and having fun with himself in the public eye. Neil would know exactly how to make good TV and it certainly helps that he’s one of the most charming people ever. 

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If Neil can’t find the time, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if his husband, the much less in demand but still delightful David Burtka, found his way onto the show. 

Kathy Griffin

Kathy is a divisive comedienne but every reality series needs a villain and she’d probably gladly fill that role too. As controversial as Kathy Griffin can be, she’s undeniable fan of Big Brother. She appeared on Big Brother 16 along with Zingbot and (like Bobby Moynihan) she wasted no time expressing some fan frustrations. 

Kathy’s loud, brash and a little to a lot annoying (depending on your perspective). However, that’s pretty much the template for every houseguest in Big Brother 19. At least, Kathy would be occasionally funny. 

Chelsea Peretti

While Chelsea is at the right level of fame for Celebrity Big Brother, this is still a long shot. Peretti is a series regular on FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While the cop comedy doesn’t have a return date for season 5, yet, it’s unlikely the two major networks will want to share a star. Chelsea’s character is one where she could disappear for a couple episodes and the schedules could work out, it’s just not something the higher-ups might allow.

Chelsea would be fantastic on the show if she could make it work. She hasn’t appeared on Big Brother, like everyone else on this list, but she might be the biggest fan of them all. She “dressed up” as a Big Brother contestant for Halloween and had McCrae from season 15 on her podcast. Chelsea isn’t just hilarious, she’s a diehard Big Brother super-fan too. 

But who do you want to see? I think we can all agree the one “celebrity” we don’t want to show up is Frankie Grande from Big Brother 16. But who else don’t you want to show up? Who do you hope will pop up on the show? Are you excited for Celebrity Big Brother or do you plan to skip it?

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