Big Brother 19 is down to the Final 5 HGs, but at this point the nominations aren’t as important as the Power of Veto. Still, there’s been some discussions about the plans for the week.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Josh is the new HoH.

He nominated Alex and Kevin.

Alex is clearly the target and if she doesn’t win the Power of Veto, she’s probably going to be evicted. The most interesting development is that Josh spoke to the live feed cameras on Friday and expressed his concerns about Paul.

Josh knows that Paul is playing the best game and if he makes it to the Final 2, Paul will win the game. Josh debated whether he should try to take a shot at Paul now, or wait until the Final 3 and just hope that Josh is able to win that last HoH and evict Paul, like how Steve Moses cut Vanessa Rousso at the end of season 17.

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The problem for Josh is that, if he wants to take a shot at Paul this week, he’d need one other person. However, Alex, Christmas and Kevin are all 100 percent with Paul, each believing they have a Final 2 deal with him. It would take a miracle for Josh to convince any of them to vote to evict Paul, although he does have enough dirt on Paul to try and do it depending on how the Power of Veto shakes out.

As of now, Alex wants to go to the Final 2 with Paul, though it’s unclear who she’d want in the Final 3 wqith them. Kevin has talked a lot recently about wanting to go to the Final 3 with Paul and Christmas, planning on cutting Josh in fourth place. Christmas wants her boys, Paul and Josh, to get to the Final 3 with her.

Paul seems to be protected on many levels and it’s going to take a very precise combination of competition wins by specific people in order to take him out. If Josh can’t do it this week, there are really only two options for him to take out Paul.

Option 1: Paul loses the Final 4 HoH and then Josh wins the Final 4 PoV, thus allowing him to cast to the sole vote to evict Paul.

Option 2: Josh makes it to the Final 3 with Paul and wins the final HoH, evicting Paul in third place on finale night.

Neither of those options seems very likely.

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