If there’s a leader of the Big Brother 19 house, it’s Paul. Ever since Cody’s first eviction, or likely before it, Paul has been running the house, making alliances with everyone and dictating all the big moves. As the game has reached its end though, Paul has gone into overdrive. He’s aggressively lying and scheming to ensure he gets to the end. While Paul has more than likely secured his spot in the finale, his chances of winning have plummeted. Paul is repeating the exact same mistakes as in Big Brother 18 and setting up a jury that will be completely opposed to his victory.

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The Petty House Becomes the Petty Jury

Paul hasn’t played one of the best games the series has ever seen but there’s no denying that he’s playing the best game in the Big Brother 19 house. Paul has avoided the block the entire summer and he’s dominated the decision-making process. All of this won’t matter if Paul can’t convince the jury to award him and right now he’s setting himself up to face an incredibly hostile group of people

Since Paul made final three deals with so many people, obviously he was going to have to turn on them at some point. Paul’s folly is that he’s betraying his allies in the most personal way. Paul might want to keep the blood off his hands but by hiding behind other players and getting them to do his dirty work, he’s only making things worse for himself at the end. 

Josh is taking every small chance to blow up Paul’s game and save himself by exposing Paul to everyone he can. Josh has already exposed Paul to Jason, he plans to do so to Alex and when those two get to the jury, they can likely infect Raven and Matt. Right away that’s half of the jury who will have a serious grudge against Paul. 

If the jury was unbiased and unemotional they likely would award Paul’s game. The Big Brother 19 house has never been either of those things. The more Paul lies and backstabs his way to the end, the more jury members are going to turn him on for good. The BB19 house is a place full of petty, emotional and mean-spirited people. They all went with Paul because they blindly trusted him and he’s repaid that trust with lies and schemes. The same house that attacked Cody for being uncommunicative isn’t going to reward Paul for backstabbing them. 

Fool Me Once, Twice … Too Many Times

Paul certainly hasn’t helped himself by aligning with the worst people left in the game. Paul shouldn’t want Josh and Christmas sitting next to him at finale. He should want them at jury because they’re the ones most likely to reward his aggressive gameplay. Josh is a fan of the game and Christmas is slavish in her Paul devotion. Everyone else will turn on him, if they haven’t already. The self-proclaimed Queen of Petty and a rodeo clown who does everything she says are the last people Paul should betray and put on the jury for weeks. 

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Of course, the fact that Josh is a loose cannon slowly ruining Paul’s chances of winning doesn’t help matters either. Josh is not only super emotional and doesn’t think clearly, he doesn’t trust Paul anymore. If Paul had stuck with Alex and Jason or Matt and Raven, there’d be no wavering from them. They’ve been blind disciples from day one. Josh has always been a wildcard. The more Paul tries to lock Josh down, the more he rebels and that spells doom for Paul’s endgame chances. 

Things might be different if Paul was upfront about his game moves and did more than dictate Josh and Chrismas’ moves. He’d probably still make people upset but it would at least be respectable. As it is Paul is playing the scummiest and stupidest game (for this group of people) that he can. 

Paul was playing a good game but as Big Brother 19 reaches its end, his worst instincts are being indulged and he’s blowing it for himself. Paul’s gotten so used to the house doing whatever he told them that he’s probably forgotten they’re actual people, actual people who won’t take kindly to being played for fools the entire summer. 

Do you agree? Can Paul still win this season? Will the jury be bitter or unbiased? Do you think Paul is making huge mistakes? 

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