Elena, Jason and Matt are on the block this week on Big Brother 19 and Paul’s plan to backdoor Cody (which Alex is executing) is set. Did the Power of Veto go exactly as they wanted it to go?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Matt won the Power of Veto.

He used it to save Jason. Cody is the replacement nominee.

That’s right, Matt, who is on the block, chose to stay on the block and instead saved Jason just so that Cody could get backdoored. It’s mind-numbing and infuriating to see how much Matt, and everyone else, is playing a team game instead of an individual game. Everything that everyone does is to benefit the group, which is actually just Paul.

On Sunday night Cody tried to campaign to Alex and Jason, but it fell on deaf ears. They only pretended to listen, even though he made many valid points about how Paul is running the house and playing the best game. He told them about how no one is willing to play their own game, they just do whatever Paul wants and Paul is going to drag Christmas or Josh to the end for an easy win. Alex and Jason immediately told Paul, Josh, Christmas, Matt and Raven all about this and they laughed at Cody for being an idiot.

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The plan moving forward is simply to take out Cody, then go after Mark and Elena next. And as of now the big eight-person alliance of Paul’s followers (Alex, Jason, Josh, Christmas, Matt, Raven and Kevin) is all on board. And now Kevin has jumped ahead of Matt as the third target due to him talking to Cody.


Kevin is now only the sixth HG ever to survive seven HoH reigns without winning an HoH or PoV competition or being nominated. The others to do this were season 6’s Beau Beasley and April Lewis, season 8’s Zach Swerdzewski, season 10’s Bryan Ollie and season 15 winner Andy Herren. Of those, April is the only one who extended her streak to eight HoH reigns, which Kevin can do if he survives the double eviction without winning a comp or being on the block.

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