Big Brother 19 bid a final goodbye to Jody with the end of Josh’s HoH reign. The showmance was broken up again, this time for good, at least within the walls of the Big Brother house. Before Jessica was evicted, she was told by several of housemates that it’s her relationship with Cody that doomed her game. 

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Even as she walked out the door Jessica was firm on her belief that Cody didn’t hurt her game. Jessica even told host Julie Chen as much in her exit interview. While Julie was kind to Jessica in her final moments in Big Brother 19, the host doesn’t necessarily agree with the departed houseguest. In her own interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie explained why she believed Cody ruined Jessica’s game. 

After admitting that she was very disappointed in Jessica for “giving up” at the end of her game, Julie puts the blame for Jessica’s eviction all on Cody. “I wanted to shake her and say, never hang your future in the hands of another human being! You’re young and have a shot at winning!” she said. “If Cody is the real deal, he’ll be waiting for you on the outside. But she’s 26 and that’s probably too young to realize that.”

Julie went even further and added, “Had Cody not won the Battle Back, I think [Jessica would] still be in the house. Had she taken him up on letting him fall on his sword for her, she’d still be there. Had she never fallen for him in the first place? Who knows.”

Julie believes that if Jessica and Cody had been able to separate themselves from one another, Jessica might have stood a chance. Jessica was doomed when Cody returned to the house, according to Julie. With Cody inside the walls of the house there was no way the two, in Julie’s words, had the self-control to stay apart. 

In a way, Julie’s definitely right. Jessica’s chances of winning the game plummeted the second Cody reentered the house. In fact, Cody coming back in the Battleback was probably the worst case scenario for everyone’s game and that includes Jessica. 

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However Jessica really still was on the bottom of the house after the first week where she stuck by Cody and his terrible decisions. Alex and Josh never got along with Jessica and though Cody’s return made it worse the situation wouldn’t have been smoothed over with time. If anything they both were even nastier to her without Cody around. The personalities just did not mix. 

It was even a harder battle with Paul there. Paul has systematically gone after those who have the deepest knowledge of the game. He felt threatened by Ramses, he didn’t like Dominique and he has refused to even remember Cameron’s name. Jessica was one of the true real fans of Big Brother and would have always been a threat to Paul.  

Cody might have made Jessica’s game worse but she was already in a bad spot. Jessica’s game was ruined for a number of factors, one of them is certainly Cody and his return. It’s not the only one. Jessica also has a fair shame of her own blood on her hands and several mistakes on her Big Brother resume. Jessica (and bad circumstances) ruined her own game, not just Cody. 

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