There’s no denying that Paul is running the game on Big Brother 19. He calls all of the shots and he openly admits in the diary room that he’s the puppet master of the house. But could his time as the dictator be coming to an end?

This past week there have been several signs that Paul’s control may be coming to an end. First we saw Christmas talking to Josh about not just doing whatever Paul says. They seem to recognize that Paul is running things, but despite a possible attempt to go against him, they both caved. In fact, Josh and Christmas seem more committed to Paul than ever.

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But on Wednesday night, another interesting conversation started to poke some holes in Paul’s game. Mark was playing a game of chess with Jason as they discussed the game. Mark pointed out that Paul is controlling everything, he’s protected on all sides and that people are even scared to disagree with him on anything. Mark also suggested that Paul is just going to skate by to the end and probably win in the Final 2 against anyone.

Jason seemed somewhat receptive to this, admitting that he’s also guilty of backing down and going along with whatever Paul says. Mark even floated the idea of teaming up with Elena, Jason, Alex and Cody to try and take out Paul.

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Clearly some of the HGs are starting to wake up and recognize what Paul is doing. But the question is whether or not anyone will do something about it. Later Wednesday, after his conversation with Mark, Jason was speaking with Paul, Alex and the other groupies, with Jason implying that Mark and Elena are potentially planning a coup against Paul. Jason didn’t overtly state what Mark told him, but it seems like Jason may not be willing to be a part of Mark’s rebellion.

And that’s where Paul’s complete control over the game comes into play. Even though people like Josh, Christmas and Jason seem to acknowledge that Paul is running the game, they all seem fine with the status quo. The one big question for this season is whether Paul will steamroll to the end and win like Derick or if he’ll eventually be dethroned by his former allies like Paulie.

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