Since the moment Cody tried to backdoor Paul in week 1 of Big Brother 19, the entire house has been against Cody and Jessica. The showmance survived thanks to a Battle Back, an HoH win and the Halting Hex, but now it’s time for Jody to be split up once again, this time for good. Their love story is over thanks in part to yet another fight with Josh.

Kevin’s Bad Plan

Kevin is starting to play the game, promising Jessica that he’ll watch out for Cody if she goes home. He wants to align with Cody, using him to break up the other showmances. But he says too much, revealing to Jessica that the only people he wants to be safe are Alex, Jason and Paul. Jessica tells Cody about this and Cody has zero interest in working with Paul.

Kevin tells Alex and Jason about his plan to work with Cody. Alex doesn’t like it. Kevin also brings it to Paul and he is smart enough to know that Cody will NEVER work with him. Even Kevin admits that this is a back-up plan in case Cody wins HoH. Sorry Kevin, but this is a terrible idea.

Will the House Ever Turn Against Paul?>>>

Cody walks with Kevin and Jason and he tells them that he would go after the couples. Kevin loves that Cody is eating this up, promising Cody that if anyone on his side wins HoH, he won’t go up. Cody admits to us that this entire deal is null and void from the start and he’ll nominate whoever he wants to.

Jason is unsure about this and reports back to Alex and Paul. They don’t like that Kevin is making deals for them and is worried that it will make them all targets.

Another Fight

For no reason, Jessica decides to pick a fight with Josh and mock his spelling ability. She asks him to spell “Drought” and he can. About 15 minutes later, Paul gives him a comeback, saying that he knows how to spell “Evicted.” Josh thinks this is the funniest thing ever and runs in to say it to Jessica.

This leads to another fight with Cody calling him a fat-ass. Josh keeps saying that it’s just a game and not to take it personally. Josh, who bangs pots and pans like a toddler, claims he’s more mature than them. There’s a lot of yelling and cursing. Jessica tells him to “Truffle shuffle out the door.” ZING!

Josh goes upstairs and cries as Paul hypes him up, telling him that he’s the real man. Josh tells us that he was in Jessica’s corner and wanted to save her, but now it’s too late. Josh goes back to the pots and pans and circus music. Cody goes after the pots and pans while Josh continues his act. The whole thing makes Kevin realize that he can’t work with Cody.

The Live Eviction

Raven talks about her disease and thanks everyone for making her feel normal. Elena mocks Dominique’s basketball poem and thanks everyone for keeping her in advance. Jessica says Cody didn’t ruin her game, he made the whole thing worth it. She also says that Paul is actually the biggest target and if they keep him in any longer, they’re bigger idiots than she thought they were. Man, I adore this woman.

Alex votes to evict…Jessica
Christmas votes to evict…Jessica
Cody votes to evict…Raven
Kevin votes to evict…Jessica
Paul votes to evict…Jessica
Mark votes to evict…Jessica
Matt votes to evict…Jessica
Jason votes to evict…Jessica

Jessica is evicted 7-1-0!

 Josh immediately goes into his circus song as Cody carries her to the door. Jessica explains that after half a season of being attacked, lied to and backstabbed, she just gave up. She says the last straw with Josh is when he mocked her the day she won HoH, which he knew was the anniversary of her dad’s death. She has no regrets about playing her own game and not sitting back and following Paul. Jessica says she loves Cody and Julie Chen offers her opinion that he loves her too.

Goodbye Messages: Cody is heartfelt. Paul and Alex are catty while Kevin is nice. Josh brags about how Elena was his real target and calls her a big linguini.

The HoH Competition

It’s a quiz where the HGs watch a magic show and then answer true or false questions about what they just saw.

Question 1: Everyone is right.
Question 2: Mark, Kevin, Jason and Paul are out.
Question 3: Everyone is right.

There’s another magic show.

Question 4: Christmas is out.
Question 5: Cody, Elena and Matt are out.,

Sigh, it’s down to Raven and Alex. Now everyone starts cheering.

Question 6: Raven is out.

Alex is the new HoH!

She wins again and that means Cody, Mark or Elena will probably be going home and Paul will control the game again. The fact that Alex and Paul both have two HoHs this season should really be making them targets.

After the competition, Julie Chen tells them that they’ve all made it to the jury. And she tells them that there will be no returning jury competition, unlike the past four seasons in a row. Isn’t the motto “Expect the Unexpected”? Why would you tell them this?

Oh, and next week is a double eviction.

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