Josh has Jessica, Mark and Elena on the block this week on Big Brother 19, with Elena and Jessica as the two obvious targets. Did the Power of Veto shake things up and who is the new target for the week?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Mark won the Power of Veto.

He saved himself. Raven is the replacement nominee.

Three women are on the block and it looks like it will be Jessica going home. Josh originally wanted Elena to be the target, but on Sunday night he spoke with Christmas and she convinced him that it’s better to make the safer move this week that won’t upset anyone, which is taking out Jessica. So Paul gets his way again.

There’s also some drama as Christmas, Raven, Matt and other Paul followers were very upset with Mark for actually using the Power of Veto to save himself. They think he should have stayed on the block since he’s safe and that using it is a sign that he doesn’t trust them. Basically, they’re using this as a rationale for targeting him next week and Raven is trying to use this as a way of avoiding being a pawn in the future because now she’s already done it.

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Kevin has also tried to work on Cody, bonding with him so that he will hopefully target Matt and Raven next week. It may work, but Cody also really wants to take out Paul, even though Kevin is trying to make a deal to also protect Alex and Paul.

For most of the house, the targets are still Cody, Mark and Elena. As of now Paul is working on two Final 6 plans, both with Josh, Christmas and Kevin, but the last two spots have either Alex and Jason or Matt and Raven. However, he seems more loyal to the Alex and Jason side, with a lot of talk about Matt and Raven being set up as the next targets after Cody and Marlena, maybe even before some of them.


Matt and Kevin have both survived six weeks of the game without winning a competition or being nominated. Only 12 other HGs have ever done this. Zakiyah did it last year, but the last two men to accomplish this feat were season 15 winner Andy Herren and season 14 winner Ian Terry.

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