With Josh as HoH on Big Brother 19, a few people desperately need to win the Temptation Competition to get immunity. But who won it, who is the third nominee and what are Josh’s plans for the week?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Cody won the Temptation Competition and has immunity for the week. Jessica came in last and is the third nominee.

Well, that worked out perfectly for them because Cody is safe and Jessica is guaranteed to play in the Power of Veto competition. It also prevents Josh from nominating either of them. Of course Christmas still has her Ring of Replacement from the Den of Temptation, so if Cody gets picked to play she’ll probably use it on him.

On Paul’s request, everyone except for HoH Josh and injured Christmas played in the Temptation Competition in order to lessen the odds of Jessica or Cody winning. It seems the competition was similar to one from Big Brother: Over the Top, where one at a time the HGs raan through the house in darkness looking for objects, fitting with the horror theme of the week.

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However, this week isn’t so simple. Paul is pushing very hard for Jessica to be the target, but Josh wants to nominate Mark and Elena to take out Elena as the target. Josh thinks they can take out Jessica and Cody any time and he knows where they stand, but Elena is disloyal and flips and flops. Josh is adamant about taking out Elena, which is going to cause some drama.

It’s interesting to see Josh developing a spine as HoH and pushing back against Paul very hard. This isn’t surprising as, late Thursday/early Friday, Josh talked to Christmas and they discussed not just rolling over and doing whatever Paul tells them to do.

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