It looks like this week of Big Brother 19 will be a dud with Jessica most likely using the Halting Hex to save herself and Cody, so now all eyes are on the next HoH competition. On Wednesday night they were given a practice apparatus in the backyard, giving everyone a good idea what the next competition will be.

There was a mini golf-style set-up in the backyard where the HGs hit a ball with a big club, trying to navigate various obstacles and get the ball into a crate. Obviously this will be the HoH competition on Thursday night, and these comps are typically called crapshoots because anyone can win it. There’s a little skill, but a lot of luck.

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All of the HGs were given 10 practice swings. They’re just getting a feel for it, but it’s really anyone’s game. During the practice, Raven got her ball into the crate 3 times. Cody and Kevin both got 2 in, Alex, Mark and Christmas all got 1 in and the rest didn’t get any.

There’s going to be a lot of drama because basically it’s 9 vs. 2, with the entire house against Cody and Jessica. Their only other hope is Mark, who has told them that if he wins the HoH, he won’t put them on the block, even though Mark knows that’s what everyone wants him to do. Elena might be another question mark, though she seems firmly in Paul’s pocket despite liking Jessica.

Will Cody, Jessica or Mark pull out a win, or will Cody and Jessica be the obvious targets for next week? It’s bound to be a dramatic HoH competition, especially if one of them gets to play last. Watch it unfold on Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

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