In the third round of America’s Got Talent judge cuts, the panel joined by Laverne Cox mostly made the right decisions. Unlike the previous round’s debacle of letting through an act like Mirror Image, it is hard to feel that the judges gave another chance to an act who didn’t deserve it. The America’s Got Talent panel wasn’t infallible and one act fell the cracks. The problem wasn’t in any of the acts that were chosen but in those who were not like magician Jeki Yoo.

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Jeki was not the most magnificent magician the show has ever seen. Though the judges were utterly perplexed by his sleight of hand card tricks, any eagle viewer can see how he managed to do at least a couple of his apparently impossible feats. It’s not bad it just wasn’t jaw-dropping.

Still Jeki’s magic was far more interesting and impressive than anything else like him that was shown in the third round of judge cuts. The Naked Magicians were nothing with their shirts on (or off) and Les French Twins seemed as if they could have been cool but they were buried in montage. Jeki’s own act was delivered uninterrupted and it was an utter delight. 

The important thing about Jeki was what he lacked in awe-inspiring magic skills he made up for in personality. Jeki was adorable and infectious. Jeki’s giggles are among some of the most pure and joyous things that have ever occurred on America’s Got Talent‘s stage. It’s a travesty that he was never shown in the audition portion of the season and it’s even worse that he didn’t make it past judge cuts with that level of laughter.

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Many acts try of Jeki’s unbridled enthusiasm and optimism and just seem fake, rehearsed or worst of all obnoxious. They are trying too hard to be quirky and it doesn’t work. Jeki was effortless and that is likely because his goofiness is likely just an enhancement of his real personality. Jeki didn’t feel artificial because he was just himself. 

Jenki is the kind of act and person that should be on America’s Got Talent. Jenki with his hilarious giggling is a far easier to root for than another child singer who mistakes cuteness for false precociousness. Jenki not only has a terrific personality and stage presence but he has the wonderful heartstring-tugging backstory of being a poor immigrant looking to achieve his dreams in America. 

Hopefully America’s Got Talent will correct their mistake by giving Jenki a wildcard slot in the live shows. An act as jubilant as Jeki desires the bigger spotlight that a live audience can provide. 

Do you think Jeki should take a wild card slot?

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