Jessica, Cody and Jason are on the block this week on Big Brother 19, but Jessica’s Halting Hex could make everything pointless. But is there a chance she won’t actually use it?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Paul won the Power of Veto.

He used it to save Jason. There is no replacement nominee.

So now Jessica and Cody are on the block and all of the drama surrounds whether she will use the Halting Hex. By this point, everyone in the house knows exactly what her Temptation will do and Paul is scrambling to ensure his HoH reign is not a waste.

Paul has concocted a plan to convince Jessica that she shouldn’t use the Halting Hex and, instead, let Cody be evicted. He says it’s best for her game because he makes her a target and if he stays, Jessica will be the house’s top target ahead of Cody.

Paul convinced Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven and Christmas to tell Jessica that if she lets Cody get evicted, they will promise her two weeks of safety and that Alex will be the target next week. However, while Mark and Elena believe this, the others know it’s a lie.

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Paul has also talked to Christmas, Matt, Raven, Alex, Jason and Kevin and told them that they’re just lying to Jessica to get her not to use it, and if Cody does get evicted then they will take out Mark or Elena next week. There’s even talk of possibly evicting Jessica this week if she doesn’t use the Halting Hex since she’s a bigger threat than Cody.

Jessica seems to go back and forth about whether to use the Halting Hex or not, mostly because Cody is a hot mess who goes from wanting to sacrifice his game to help her to wanting to stay and fight. It helps a little that Mark has chosen Cody and Jessica’s side, pledging his loyalty to them above all others.

The real issue for Jessica seems to be that she wants to fight, she wants to play her own game and she doesn’t like that Paul is trying to tell her what to do like he does with everyone else. Jessica sees that Paul is the puppet master and she’s ready to do something about it.

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