Paul is steamrolling the competition on Big Brother 19 and even when he comes up with the most preposterous plans, they work out perfectly. This week we already saw him convince everyone to throw the HoH competition to Christmas, and now he has yet another plan with the Power of Veto, though not everyone is happy with it.

More importantly, CBS gets a little cross promotion when Bobby Moynihan, star of the new sitcom Me, Myself and I, enters the house to host the PoV and show these HGs what it really looks like to be entertaining.

Jalex on the Block

After the nominations, Alex still believes the plan is to backdoor Kevin while Jason is a little worried. Paul tells Jason to stay calm and claims he didn’t know this was going to happen. Jason knows that Paul knows everything that happens in the game, so he doesn’t buy it.

Kevin tells Jason that it’s obvious that Jason and Alex are the targets and Jason will go home if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto, and if he does, Alex is going home. He’s 100 percent correct, but Jason refuses to believe that Kevin knows what’s going on.

Jason goes to Josh and asks what’s happening. Josh tries to diffuse it and Paul walks in to claim that he thinks he’s getting backdoored. This makes zero sense to Jason and he tells Josh that he thinks Paul is playing them.

Then Jason talks to Alex and Christmas and tells them exactly what Kevin told him. Alex insists that he’s freaking out for no reason and that Kevin is clearly still the target. Jason is totally confused about everything, but everyone is telling him to stay calm. Christmas can’t believe that Jalex are so stupid.

Josh vs. Paul

Paul convinces Jason and Alex to throw the Power of Veto to him so he can pull Alex off the block. Josh walks in and Jason makes a joke that he’s in an alliance with Christmas. This makes Josh worried that Paul is telling Jalex his secrets.

Josh tells Christmas about his concern that Paul is playing a Vanessa/Derrick/Dan-style game. He tells her that Paul is only playing for himself and this whole plan protects Paul, not them. Christmas tells Josh to shut up because she thinks her only chance of getting to the Final 2 is with Josh and Paul. Josh tells us in the diary room that he came here to win and if he has a shot at Paul, he’s going to take it.

Bobby Moynihan Is the Best

The doorbell rings and Bobby Moynihan, star of the new CBS comedy Me, Myself and I, walks into the house banging pots and pans while singing the circus song. Bobby goes on a house tour because he’s a huge fan of the show. He does impressions of the HGs and even mocks Raven for introducing herself by showing him her pacemaker. In the diary room, Bobby also trolls the HGs by saying they’re all idiots who should’ve evicted Paul in week 1. Bobby is making an excellent case for a celebrity edition of the game, because he’d be great.

Punch, Slap, Kick, Veto

Paul, Kevin and Raven are playing, meaning Josh is the only one sitting out. The winner will also get to go on a set tour of Me, Myself and I. Bobby hosts a new competition where the HGs go into a Punch, Slap, Kick machine. In each round they will experience a sequence of punches, slaps and kicks, then answer a question about what they experienced. Whoever gets the most points wins.

Round 1: Everyone but Jason gets a point.
Round 2: Alex, Paul and Raven get a point.
Round 3: Raven gets a point.
Round 4: Everyone but Raven gets a point.
Round 5: Everyone but Kevin and Raven gets a point.

Alex and Paul are tied at 4 points while Raven and Christmas have 3 points and Kevin and Jason have 2 points heading into the last round.

Round 6: Everyone but Raven gets a point.

Alex and Paul are tied for first place and go to a tie-breaker.

Tie-Breaker #1: They’re both right.
Tie-Breaker #2: They’re both right.

We get a montage of many tie-breakers where they both get them right or wrong. We don’t know how many tie-breakers there were, but in the end, Paul finally gets one right that Alex gets wrong.

Paul wins the Power of Veto!

Alex is happy that Kevin will be backdoored while Paul is excited that he gets to split up another pair (but that was going to happen whether he won it or not).

Paul’s Plan

Paul’s master plan for this week is to use the Power of Veto on Alex so Christmas nominates Kevin. This way he can continue to stay on Alex and Jason’s good side, claiming that Kevin is the target. Then Paul and Alex will both vote to evict Kevin, Josh and Raven will vote to evict Jason and Christmas will cast a tie-breaker vote to send Jason to the jury house.

Josh wants Paul not to use the Power of Veto because this plan makes Paul look like a hero while Josh and Christmas look like the villains and get blood on their hands. Paul explains in the diary room that he’s going to do what’s best for his individual game and he doesn’ care what Josh wants.

Josh once again voices concerns to Christmas about how everything is just for Paul’s benefit. Christmas hates hearing this because she thinks doing whatever Paul says is best for all of them. Christmas refuses to listen to Josh so he walks away and she gets furious. She follows after him and scolds him for walking away from her.

The fundamental problem is that Christmas is only playing to get her, Josh and Paul to the Final 3 while Josh is actually thinking about trying to win the game.

Josh makes one last pitch to Paul and Christmas to have Paul not use the Power of Veto. Paul gets upset and explains in the diary room that he’s calling the shots and Josh needs to shut up and know his role. Christmas is completely with Paul about working for the team, so Josh is outnumbered.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

In the end, as always, Paul gets his way. Paul uses the Power of Veto to save Alex. Christmas nominates Kevin.

Christmas claims that she nominated Kevin because everyone else has been on the block one way or another. In the DR, Paul explains that he hasn’t been on the block either and that’s the way he wants to keep it. I guess she thinks Cody’s failed attempt to nominate Paul in week 1 counts.

Jason still feels safe and trusts Paul and Alex while Josh realizes that he needs to start worrying about his game, not Paul’s game.

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