For the last time on Big Brother 19, someone won’t play for the Power of Veto. The endgame is here and the PoV can either change the target or keep the plan the same.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Christmas is the new HoH.

She nominated Jason and Alex.

Paul, Kevin and Raven were picked to play.

Paul won the Power of Veto.

After a long dry spell, Paul is back to winning competitions. Now comes the tricky part. He wants to use the PoV on Alex to gain her trust, have Christmas put Kevin on the block as a pawn, and then stage a tied vote so Christmas will evict Jason and Paul can stay close to Alex by saying he voted with her to save Jason.

The problem is that Josh isn’t a fan of this plan as it means that Paul gets no blood on his hands while he and Christmas take the fall for him. Josh expressed his concerns to Christmas prior to the Power of Veto competition, but it’s unclear if he will force the issue and make Paul get some blood on his hands.

In addition, Bobby Moynihan visited the house for the competition and to promote his new CBS sitcom Me, Myself and I. He’s apparently a big fan of this show, so that might make for some fun stuff on Wednesday’s episode.


-Paul has now won three Power of Veto competitions in both seasons he’s competed in. The only other person to do this was Brendan Villegas in seasons 12 and 13.

-Paul now has a total of six PoV wins across his Big Brother career. This puts him second all-time, tied with Brendan and one behind Janelle Pierzina, who won a total of 7 in seasons 6 and 7.

-Paul is the only player in history to win at least five competitions in two different seasons.

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