It’s fitting that this episode of Big Brother 19 features the Hide and Seek Power of Veto competition, which always results in the house being completely destroyed. That’s a good metaphor for this season, as the horrific gameplay and bitter personal attacks have turned the season into a total mess. The plan to betray Matt and Raven is in place, but a new potential target emerges after weeks of Paul planting seeds to turn everyone against Kevin.

The Veto Plan

Matt and Raven completely buy the alleged “plan” to backdoor Kevin. Everyone, including Paul, is lying to them, and right after the nominations Jason tells Raven that he’ll pull her off if he wins the Power of Veto. Matt says that if he wins the Veto, he’ll save Raven because she needs and deserves to stay in the game more than he does.

Alex tells Jason that everyone hates Kevin because he’s a douche. She adds that he’s mean and malicious and proceeds to bash Kevin nonstop to Jason. She wouldn’t be mad if Kevin goes home this week.

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Paul, Josh and Kevin are picked to play for the Power of Veto. Paul tells Maven that he’ll try to win and save her. Josh tells Paul that he’ll try to win to keep the nominations the same. Paul suggests to Jason that if they win, they can put Kevin on the block to continue to trick Maven, but Jason feels uneasy about it because he still likes Kevin and is getting worried that people may flip and take him out instead of Matt.

Hide and Go Veto

The Power of Veto is the classic game of hide and seek where everyone hides their Veto Card in the house, then one at a time they get to go in to find the others, tearing the house apart.

Raven hides hers in a couch cushion in the bedroom.
Matt hides his under the arm rest in the parlor.
Kevin hides his in a pillow.
Jason hides his in a couch cushion in the living room.
Josh hides his in the freezer.
Paul hides his in one of his shirts on a hanger.

The HGs destroy the house, throwing couches and mattresses everywhere. Kevin is mortified that people touched his clothes while Josh only succeeds in finding Maven’s secret condom stash. AWKWARD!

Jason finds Josh’s first.
Raven finds Matt’s second.
Raven finds Kevin’s third.
Matt finds Paul’s fourth.
Jason finds Raven’s fifth.

Jason wins the Power of Veto!

So Paul, Kevin and Josh failed to find any. Also, it’s worth noting that Raven initially seemed skeptical when she took Matt’s Veto Card. Based on the live feeds, it seems she knew that’s where he hid his and she didn’t want to take it, but the rules stated that once she touched it, she had to bring it out.

The Kevin Plan

Matt and Raven believe that Jason will save her and backdoor Kevin, so they’re just going to relax. Alex wants Jason to save Raven and put Kevin up and then they can decide what to do, but Jason isn’t sure.

Kevin talks to Jason to make sure that Matt is the target. Jason asks Kevin if he wants to do something nuts and go on the block as a pawn. Kevin doesn’t want to do it and doesn’t understand this at all. Jason tries to sell it as a cool idea, but Kevin says “No” and Jason decides not to do it.

Jason tells Alex and Paul about his decision and Alex is furious because she wants to keep Maven calm for the rest of the week. But Jason gets worried that Alex and Paul have an alternate agenda to take Kevin out instead of Matt and he is not OK with that. Jason stands his ground and doesn’t care if Maven are upset because he has absolutely no relationship with them.

Alex goes to Christmas to rant about how Kevin is causing a rift between her and Jason. Alex and Christmas then tell Jason that he’ll lose Maven’s jury votes if he doesn’t put Kevin up. This seems like a fake reason, it’s really just that Alex hates Kevin and wants him out for personal reasons. Alex is furious that Jason is going against her, but Jason doesn’t like the mob mentality, with Alex riling everyone up to hate on Kevin.

The Veto Ceremony

Raven tells Jason that she trusts him 110 percent. Matt tells him to use it on Raven.

Jason decides not to use the Power of Veto. Matt and Raven look dejected. Jason asks if they have any questions for him and they don’t.

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Raven says that Jason is playing a dirty game and went back on his word. Matt is pissed off. Alex is angry that the dumb rodeo clown didn’t do what she told him to do.

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