The Big Brother houseguests have never been immune to controversy. Nearly every summer the actions or words of a contestant get called into question for being in supremely bad taste, at the very least. Big Brother 19 certainly hasn’t had an innocent in this regard, with accusations of racism and bullying running wild. The latest controversy to hit the house has quickly become one of the most bizarre. According to TMZ, houseguest Jessica Graff has landed in hot water for poking her “roommates” in the butt without their permission.

Has the Game Become Too Harsh on Big Brother 19?>>> The incidents began as a part of Jessica’s efforts to “rile things up” before she is inevitably evicted. Jessica has taken to repeatedly sticking her fingers in fellow contestants’ posteriors and no one is happy about it. Jessica’s main victims have been Paul and Matt. According to Alex, Jessica has done it to her too, however — even going so far to poke Alex in the vagina. 

All of this particularly upsets Alex. Alex told Josh that these incidents make her extra uncomfortable because her cousin was raped and murdered. Alex doesn’t want Jessica touching her or anyone else. Yet despite efforts by the house to tell Jessica to stop, she hasn’t halted. Instead she’s laughed it off as a joke.

TMZ even reached out to people outside the house, but involved with Big Brother, to get their thoughts. The site caught up with Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly and BB17 contestant Meg Maley to ask them what they thought about it. While Meg was mostly silent, Rachel didn’t think the poking is any big deal because Jessica is a woman. Rachel admitted it is a double standard because if a man was doing it, it should be shut down but with Jessica it’s harmless. 

Rachel did end her thoughts by saying that if the house asked Jessica to stop that she should “calm it down.” Otherwise it is all excusable because they are roommates in the house and roommates “joke around.” It’s not something that really endangers anyone or crosses the line, in Reilly’s opinion. Maley did add that she felt the safest in her life while in the Big Brother house because producers are always there and everything is being recorded. 

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The whole thing, especially the phrase “butt poking,” might sound silly but it is something that should be stopped. Jessica’s butt poking is along the same the lines as Josh banging pots and pans / bullying the other houseguests. It’s not gameplay in any form. It’s just petty, irresponsible and gross behavior. It’s harassment, albeit in a very small form. 

If the houseguests are truly uncomfortable with Jessica’s behavior and she will not stop, Big Brother should step in and her make her stop. The butt poking does cross a line if people are getting legitimately upset about it and Jessica has shown a complete disregard for their feelings. It’s not something that is worth getting her ejected from the game, and not just because it’s very likely she will evicted by the house, but regardless, it’s something that shouldn’t be happening.  

Jessica’s butt poking is another example of the nasty and psychological game that is being played in the Big Brother 19 house. It just happens to be happening because of Jessica, this time, rather than directed at her. 

But what do you think? Is the butt poking harmless? Would it be OK if it was a man doing it to a woman? Should the producers step in? Is harassment or just good fun? 

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