If you only watch the TV show for Big Brother 18, you probably have no idea who Zakiyah is. She’s never won a competition or been nominated and she hasn’t made a huge impact in any of the major storylines. But on the live feeds, she’s had a tumultuous pseudo-showmance with Paulie, and it definitely reached a new boiling point on Tuesday night, and not in a good way.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

The main thing you need to know is that Zakiyah is a lot more into Paulie than he is into her. She’s spent many days talking to Nicole about how much she likes him and what their babies would look like. Meanwhile, Paulie talks to his bros (Paul, Corey and Victor) about how clingy and jealous she is and how he needs to take her out soon for his game.

This dilemma is quickly reaching the tipping point, especially this week since Paulie was the mastermind behind backdooring Da’Vonne while Zakiyah wants to save her. Paulie is using this as an opportunity to throw Zakiyah and her friend Michelle under the bus, setting them up as the main targets for next week.

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Their big fight comes down to a pair of “lies” Zakiyah told Paulie. She told him that Michelle heard from Victor that he was nervous about people whispering behind his back, something Paulie believes Michelle actually said. In addition, Zakiyah initially claimed Michelle told her this when they were alone together in the Have-Not room, but it seems James was also in the room at the time, sleeping in one of the bumper cars.

Part of the problem for Zakiyah is that Paulie has done a good job getting everyone in the house to feed him information out of fear that they will become his next target, with James, Victor and Nicole being the three biggest rats. Paulie took these “lies” as a huge insult and used them to smear Zakiyah to everyone who would listen to him.

On Tuesday night, Zakiyah and Paulie met up in the secret Paris room to discuss the drama. Zakiyah tried to defend herself, claiming she just forgot James was sleeping in the room at the time, but Paulie was very dismissive. He kept accusing her of being a liar and a phony. She started crying and he got sick and tired of her emotions, so he left.

Zakiyah is definitely way too invested in her relationship with Paulie, but Paulie is being extremely cold and withholding, which only seems to drive her crazier. Afterwards she sobbed to Michelle and Da’Vonne, talking about how she was a fool for falling for Paulie in the first place and claiming she’s done with him. Da’Vonne did a dance of joy that her former friend finally realizes that Paulie is playing her, but by the end of the night, Zakiyah was back in Paulie’s arms.

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It’s become a rather depressing situation where Zakiyah’s main concern is her relationship with Paulie and Paulie’s main concern is winning the game. It seems Da’Vonne was 100 percent correct when she expressed concern early on that these cute boys were messing with the girls’ minds.

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