America’s Got Talent is back for the second live performance show of season 11. Hopefully, it will be back with a bang after a middling night that was the first live show of the season. While not necessarily bad, the first live show didn’t inspire much confidence and loyalty in the season and made the results show a bit of a non-issue. Hopefully, in this second week, the upcoming results show will be a source of tension when determining which five will be leaving rather than a source of comfort as it was in the first quarterfinal round, knowing that the mediocre acts were more than likely getting the ax.

Let’s find out in our America’s Got Talent live blog! Remember, this is a live blog, so stay on this page and refresh every 15 minutes or so for the latest updates on the acts, Simon’s quips and how Mel B will adorably flub the English language.

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Flip Starts Off the Show

Considering how hard Outlawz crashed and burned in the first quarterfinals, I don’t know how much effort Flip needs to put in to seem more impressive and prove they deserve their wildcard slot. Thankfully, Flip vaults over that bar. The bar was very, very low, though. That’s all there really is to say about these girls. 

The most entertaining part of the whole act is Simon and Mel B. arguing while judging. (Just get a room, you two!) Flip just fizzles out halfway through with nowhere to go. I guess a dancing group won’t be getting very far on America’s Got Talent this year.

Moya Angela Belts It Out

I’m with Mel B on this one. Moya is a good singer, but this isn’t necessarily a great performance. Moya is likable enough, but there are definitely some sections where her singing feels off. There are so many singers this season that I would be fine saying goodbye to Moya in the results show. That is a very real possibility after this just okay performance.

Viktor Kee Brings It

To be quite honest, it is very hard to take Viktor seriously in the pre-recorded package with all his garish make-up. I’m also not a huge fan of the blatant emotional manipulation of Viktor talking about his brother’s death because the performance really has nothing to do with that tragic event.

Still, Viktor is mesmerizing in his own very weird way. Juggling is a very boring talent, but Viktor makes it seem special. That one big mistake in the middle of the act might cost him some votes, but he’s so far the only act that has made even a little bit of an impression with me.

Kadie Lynn Goes Big

While I feel that Kadie Lynn’s voice is getting swallowed a bit by the venue and the background singers, this is a lot of fun. It just makes you feel good, and America’s Got Talent is frequently about the way the acts make you feel. It’s not totally about their talent level. I’m not quite as confident as Simon is that Kadie is a shoe-in for the semifinals, but her chances are a lot better than, let’s say, Moya Angela. 

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Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Push the Limit

While we are talking about the way acts make us feel, it’s time to discuss Ryan and AmberLynn because I hate everything about this “talent” act. They nauseate me, and there is nothing remotely appealing about these body horror type of acts. I’m not blind or deaf, though I wish I temporarily was while they are performing. However, Ryan and AmberLynn have some charisma. I do understand their appeal to others. I just never want to see them again and can’t believe they have made it this far. My criticism is all the more real considering that Ryan is obviously injured during the act. Just stop.

Calysta Bevier Shines 

Even this late in the season, my feelings about the Golden Buzzer acts are very mixed. Only about half of those acts who got Golden Buzzers actually deserved them. Calysta is firmly in the “deserving” camp. 

Calysta is heads above both Kadie and Moya. She is heads above nearly everyone else in the competition so far. If one singer is making it to the semifinals, it should be Calysta. There’s no missteps and no weirdness in the sound mixing. It’s just Calysta on the stage, and she commands every inch.

Sofie Dossi Terrifies the Judges 

Sofie really needs to come up with something new besides shooting a bow with her feet. It’s true that her stage presence and presentation are amazing. She just needs to go beyond a slightly different gimmick in her same performance. Sofie is still more entertaining than a lot of the acts in this round, but it is disappointing that the finale is the bow and arrow once again.

The Clairvoyants Terrify Me

Maybe it’s the fact that these two have the vague and nondescript foreign accents of every Bond villain ever, maybe it’s the fact that Thommy pronounces “jelly” as “chelly” or maybe it’s just that I genuinely believe that they are magic, but these two freak me out on every level and it’s wonderful. Between these two and Viktor Kee, the weirdos (and Calysta) are dominating and it’s as mesmerizing as it is unnerving.

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Sal Valentinetti Goes in One Direction

Sal exhausts me. He has a fine voice. I think he is one of the weaker singers of the night, if I’m being honest, but he is still talented. There is just something so cheesy and irritating about him. I don’t think Sal is being fake, but I think America’s Got Talent is being disingenuous in how much they promote his Italian “folksiness.” Just give me a break with the staged shot of his cousin having a cigar in his mouth in the audience. At best, he is sucking on a soggy piece of cancer and, at worst, he’s breaking the law because I’m pretty sure smoking is not allowed in the theater. Sal will go through to the semifinals, but I really wish he wouldn’t.

ThroWings Throw Each Other Around

There is something compelling about them, and they do scare me (in a good way). This stunt, though, really is indistinguishable from all their other routines. It’s boring, despite their best efforts. The strobe lights do add another level of difficulty, but I’m with Simon. ThroWings is likely not making the semifinals.

Steven Brundage Wows Everyone

This is how you do a wildcard. Steven is really the only exciting wildcard, and this is a perfect redemption story. He’s slick, charismatic and performs a really amazing trick. You’d think there is only so much one human can do with a Rubik’s Cube, but here’s Steven Brundage. He better move through to the semifinals.

Sos and Victoria Change Things Up

It’s interesting that America’s Got Talent has decided to end the night with this quick change act. It just isn’t a good one. It’s riddled with mistakes. The only time a quick change works is if the audience is completely clueless about how it happens. Here, we see the curtain drop, sometimes literally, several times and it really ruins things. These two closing out the night will likely close out their stay on America’s Got Talent.

America’s Got Talent season 11 airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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