Paul seemed like he would be an easy first elimination for the Big Brother 18 house. While his buddy Jozea eventually took over in that department, Paul was outspoken, loud and more often than not completely wrong. The first two weeks of Big Brother 18 saw Paul lose two of his closest allies and see himself on the block more than once. Since those first few dangerous weeks Paul has grown comfortable in his new alliance and has even gotten a Head of Household win under his belt. It would have been unthinkable in those first few weeks but Paul might very well be the underdog to win Big Brother 18.

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Unconventional Underdog

The word “underdog” does imply that it is someone to root for and in that way Paul doesn’t really live up the moniker. I’m sure there is the occasional odd person, and I do mean odd in every way, who enjoys Paul. I also won’t lie and I say I’ve never felt myself even remotely enjoying Paul. Despite his more grating qualities, Paul is an underdog. He fits the name in the sense that no one would expect him to actually win Big Brother 18 and that might just be why he is on track to get to that final spot. 

Paul’s greatest asset as a Big Brother player is that no one really takes him seriously as a threat. In Big Brother 18 nearly every houseguest has been contemplated as a target or put on the block. Outside of his first couple weeks in jeopardy though, Paul has faded to the background. Paul has found a way to go from easy target to a solid member of the majority alliance. 

Paul has also found a way to gain the trust and supreme loyalty of Paulie. You can say what you will about Paulie and his personality but he is arguably the most powerful player in the Big Brother 18 house. While a large swath of the audience has turned on Paulie, the houseguests still love and trust him. As John Kubicek pointed out earlier, Paulie is playing Derrick’s game on Big Brother 18 and that leaves Paul as Paulie’s own Cody. 

History Repeating Itself

Of course it is obvious that Cody, while he made it to the Final Two, did not win his Big Brother season. So while it is great for Paul that Paulie has decided to strike up this friendship with him, it doesn’t suggest great things for Paul’s game. Although just because Paulie is playing Derrick’s game doesn’t meant that Paul necessarily has to fall into the Cody role.

Paul is an aggressive player and sometimes that leads to him making really silly moves. Paul’s insistence that Frank and Bridgette NEED to be evicted in recent weeks is a perfect example. Paul is passionate about getting rid of them (just as he was passionate about getting rid of all the veterans in the early weeks) but it doesn’t seem like he has stopped and thought about why he wants to get rid of these people. While normally this would spell doom for his game in Big Brother 18 it could end up being his success.

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Paul and his tunnel vision is really no different than the gameplay of nearly everyone else in the house. If Paul is Paulie’s Cody, he couldn’t be playing the game any more differently than Cody. Cody Calafiore was content to not make waves and just ride on Derrick’s success. Paul, on the other hand, is as much involved in the action as anyone in Big Brother 18. Luckily for him, Paul remains a non-threat throughout the action. Though his catchphrases of “friendship,” “your boy” and “boom” might annoy the audience they have just made him a lovable scamp on Big Brother 18

Paul might not end up being the Cody of his season but he could become similar to another Big Brother player and unlikely winner. Paul could easily become the Steve Moses of Big Brother 18. Like Steve, Paul is around enough for the big decisions that a win could be plausible. Paul and Steve are both not viewed as threats so no one will target him. All Paul really needs to do is stick around to the end of the game and, like Steve, get rid of the bigger threat (and more deserving winner) at the last second. 

But what do you think? Is Paul capable of winning Big Brother 18? Do you want to see Paul win? Do you think Paulie is the most powerful player in the house? 

Big Brother 18 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursday at 9pm on CBS.

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