On Big Brother 18, men always use the Power of Veto and women never do. That’s just been the way it’s worked out for the first five weeks, so did it happen again and did Paulie get his way with a plan to backdoor Da’Vonne?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Paulie won the Power of Veto.

He used it to save himself. Da’Vonne is the replacement nominee.

Things are bound to get interesting. This is exactly what Paulie wanted and he is confident that Da’Vonne will be evicted. He’s spent a lot of time this week grooming Bridgette to help him take out the other girls and turning people against Da’Vonne. He has Nicole and Corey and he seems to have swayed Paul and Victor, who’ve gotten very close to Paulie.

The trick is the others. Paulie thinks he has James as another part of his guy alliance, but James seems to be on the fence. He knows that Da’Vonne isn’t coming after him, but he just put Frank and Bridgette on the block, breaking his word, so it’s definitely better for his game to keep Da’Vonne over Bridgette.

The biggest obstacles will be Michelle and Zakiyah. They both really want to keep Da’Vonne, mostly because they know Bridgette will target them (which is exactly what Paulie wants). Michelle and Zakiyah are finally starting to see the big picture, namely that Paul and Victor have replaced them in the showmance alliance with Paulie, Corey and Nicole. They’re also worried about an all-guy alliance and afraid that Nicole is running back and telling the boys everything they say to her (which she is).

The real question will be if they’re going to do anything about it. At this point it will be impossible to convince Paulie, Nicole and Corey to target Bridgette over Da’Vonne, and Paul is so committed to PP that he and Victor are gonna go with Paulie. Even if Michelle and Zakiyah got James and Natalie on board with keeping Da’Vonne, it would lead to a 4-4 tie and then all hell would break loose since Paul would be exposed.

Da’Vonne was able to read the tea leaves about going up during a conversation with Paul on Sunday, after which she cried because she’s already been on the block and she doesn’t understand why she has to be the “pawn.” But I also think Da’Vonne is probably smart enough to see that she may not be a pawn after all. Her only real blindspot is that she trusts Paulie, the man single-handedly masterminding her eviction.

The other twist could be the Round Trip ticket. Each ticket is numbered and Da’Vonne has ticket #8. There’s been some speculation that this could be the winner since one of the vacation posters in the house declares “Ocho Rios: Your Dream Destination.” Ocho is Spanish for eight and we know that the posters were a part of the clues leading to the secret room, so perhaps this was an additional clue that ticket #8 is the Round Trip, aka the dream destination.

That would create a lot of drama of Da’Vonne gets backdoored and evicted, then walks right back into the house. And we already know that Da’Vonne is very lucky when it comes to receiving special powers in the game courtesy of a phone booth (remember the Last Laugh).


-Zakiyah will now survive six evictions votes without ever going on the block or winning a competition. Only 11 other HGs have ever done that, including season 14 winner Ian Terry and season 15 winner Andy Herren. Zakiyah is only the second woman to ever do this, the first being season 6’s April Lewis, who actually survived the first eight evictions without ever going on the block or winning a competition.

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