MasterChef has seen its fair share of incredible dishes. It’s also seen some of the worst-looking things you can imagine, which make you wonder what these chefs were even thinking. Granted, Gordon’s description of the dishes might plant that idea in your head, but the visual of the dish doesn’t lie. We’ve seen some horrible-looking dishes on MasterChef, to hilarious effect. Let’s look back at 8 of the worst dishes we’ve seen on MasterChef.

1. Lynn’s Baked Meringue with Banana Puree (Season 4)

MasterChef Worst Meringue.jpgLynn presented one of the ugliest plates ever seen on the show. What was meant to be a baked meringue instead looks like a plate of cat vomit with blood inside. The plate was a complete disaster and Gordon calls it “the worst dish presented in four years on MasterChef.”

2. Howard’s Raw Black Cod (Season 4)

Howard's Raw Black Cod

Howard attempted to create a prepared black cod with shiitake mushrooms. Except he sort of forgot the most important thing, which was to cook the cod. Chef Gordon points out to him that the fish won’t even separate because it’s not cooked all the way. Chef Joe tells him that this is the kind of thing that sends people home.

3. Bime’s Meringue Pie with Lime (Season 4)

Bime's Meringue Pie with Lime

Poor Bime. His attempt at a meringue pie fell through, quite literally. As Gordon tried to cut through it, he noticed the inside was completely liquid and actually ended up pouring its contents into two cocktail cups that he and Bime ironically toasted with. Even worse, he accidentally added creme a tarte. As he says, “I messed up, I grabbed the wrong thing and just kept throwin’ it in there.”

4. Erryn’s Truffle Steak (Season 2)

Erryn got $500 worth of truffle to work with, but his steak completely collapsed. It burned, and the vegetables molded and basically looked and felt like plastic. Erryn says he “had a bad day,” but you can tell Gordon was pissed that the $500 worth of truffle went to this catastrophe.

5. Cutter’s Cake (Season 5)

Gordon described the outside of Cutter’s cake as looking like a hairy back, and the flag he attempted to draw on top speaks for itself. The presentation of this dish really left a lot to be desired. Gordon said that the cake itself was pretty good, though the frosting would stick to the roof of his mouth and the balance was off. Cutter couldn’t see what he was talking about, but if the cake tasted how it looked, Gordon was being generous with his judgment here.

6. Jennifer’s Raw Lamb (Season 2)

Jennifer's Raw Lamb

In a cooking competition like this, it should really come down to the presentation and taste of food. Because of this, it is appalling that Jennifer would even think it was okay to serve lamb to the judges which was obviously undercooked. Not only could one of them have gotten sick, but if she were to do that in a restaurant, they could get shut down. This is not the kind of standard that you would expect from a chef competing on this high of a level.

7. Dan’s Meatloaf (Season 5)

Masterchef meatloaf.jpgDan came off pretty cocky, talking about how the dish of the girl before him looked pretty “pedestrian.” Then he came up with a meatloaf that looked like a wet cat turd and apparently tasted just as bad.

8. Daniel’s Short Rib (Season 6)

Daniel Steamed Dumpling.jpgAt first look, Daniel’s dish seems pretty good, given his circumstances. Having his pasta machine taken away made things difficult, but he felt confident that he pulled it off. While the pasta turned out fine, he made a big mistake in making this Italian dish overly spicy and cooking red wine into the sauce. As Joe lets him know, those are big no-no’s.

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Kartik Chainani

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