Paul and Victor are on the block on Big Brother 18. The two showmances joined forces this week to take out Paul, but after the Power of Veto ceremony, is the plan still on or have things changed?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Paul Won the Power of Veto>>

He saved himself. Michelle nominated Corey.

Michelle really wanted to nominate Nicole and take her out, but was talked out of it. Paul and Victor convinced her that James would be less likely to vote her out over Victor, and Sunday night in the HoH room Natalie told Michelle the same thing. She warned her that James would evict Victor if he was sitting next to Nicole.

However, Natalie also said she could convince James to keep Victor over Corey. But James and Natalie have had many conversations about evicting Victor no matter what. They want to keep up the lie for most of the week, but James plans on telling Michelle that’s he’s evicting Victor on Wednesday or Thursday. But Natalie got a head start on this after the Power of Veto ceremony, talking to Michelle about possibly taking out Victor, with Paul as the next target.

Did Natalie Just Ruin Her Game?>>

The funniest part is that, after the Power of Veto ceremony, Nicole was surprised and almost seemed upset that she wasn’t put on the block. She really thought it would be her, mostly because she didn’t even bother talking to Michelle about it.

Of course there’s still the competition this Thursday in which a juror will return to the game, something Victor has already started to predict. If he wins it and comes back AGAIN, this could be problematic for James. It’s equally bad for him if Paulie comes back, as he will most likely align with Corey and Nicole to take out James and Natalie.


-Paul is only the seventh HG ever to be saved by the Power of Veto three times in a single season. He saved himself in week 1 and Paulie used it on him in week 2. The other six people are season 4 runner-up Alison Irwin, season 6’s James Rhine, season 7’s Janelle Pierzina, season 8’s Jen Johnson, season 15’s McCrae Olson and season 17’s Johnny Mac.

-James and Nicole will now survive 10 eviction votes without ever being nominated. Only five other people have ever done this: season 3’s Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy, season 6’s April Lewis, season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur and season 17’s Austin Matelson.

-This will be the ninth eviction in a row for which Nicole will cast a vote. Only five other HGs have ever done that: season 3’s Danielle Reyes, season 11’s Kevin Campbell, season 15’s McCrae Olson, season 16’s Victoria Rafaeli and season 17’s Austin Matelson.

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