Things are never simple on Big Brother 17 and the plan at the beginning of the week is almost never the plan at the end of the week. For the last four evictions in a row, Clay, Jason, Audrey and Jeff weren’t the original targets of the HoH. So even though Becky wants Vanessa to be evicted, will she get her wish or have things changed?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Steve won the Power of Veto. He saved himself and Vanessa is the replacement nominee.

You might think Vanessa is the target since she was backdoored and she’s who Becky wants out. But that might not be the case.

After the PoV ceremony, Vanessa spent about eight hours crying, reading the Bible and being upset about how Becky lied to her and then refused to give her a valid reason. She’s blown it way out of proportion over how Becky was so mean to her. Eventually she crawled out of her funk and vowed to try and stay.

The odd thing is that she might have a chance. Late on Monday, James, Jackie and Meg discussed the possibility of switching their votes to keep Vanessa. They’ve promised Becky they would vote her out, but they are more scared of Shelli because they know she’ll come after them because James put her up with Clay and split them up.

The trio feels safer with Vanessa, mostly because they know she’d go after Becky and maybe even Johnny Mac first, so it’s simply a matter of evicting the person who would definitely come after their group right away.

Of course things in the house are always changing. With two more days until the eviction, it will be curious to see whether James, Jackie and Meg stick to their desire to get rid of Shelli or if they can be convinced to keep her over Vanessa. It’s a wild reversal since James, Jackie and Meg always complain about how the plans always change against them every single week, but this week they’re the ones who could be responsible for changing the HoH’s plans.

There’s plenty of drama left this week. Not only does this eviction need to be decided, but there’s a double eviction on Thursday and they’re all expecting it, so everyone will scramble to plan for it and almost anyone could be the target.

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