It’s yet another endurance HoH competition on Big Brother 17! Last year, after week 1, we didn’t get another endurance HoH until the Top 7, but now we get two in two weeks. Following Clay’s eviction, the 10 HGs (excluding James) began their quest to be the next HoH.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

The competition is the standard slip-and-slide one where HGs must run back and forth on a slippery surface to fill a giant bowl with water from a funnel. According to Steve on the live feeds, it takes a little over 350 laps to complete it.

This time the bowl has three balls and once they can reach any of them, they can choose HoH, $5,000 or never being a Have-Not. Someone can claim multiple prizes, but once someone takes HoH, it’s over.

This is a competition for people with strong legs. In the past, Caleb, Jeremy, Shane and Jeff have won it. This would’ve been an easy win for Clay, but since he got evicted, I’d say Jackie and Becky are the obvious frontrunners, with Austin, Liz, Julia, Shelli and Johnny Mac as potential spoilers. Steve, Meg and Vanessa probably can’t win it.

Here is a live blog of the competition from the feeds. As always, all times are Big Brother 17 local time, aka PST.

7pm: When the show ends, it’s obvious that Meg is a Victoria-level joke at this competition and she knows it, mocking how terrible she is.

7:06pm: The feeds are back.

7:07pm: Johnny Mac seems to be going strong early.

7:08pm: Steve seems to be doing much better than I expected.

7:08pm: James claims that Becky is in the lead, followed by Julia.

7:10pm: Austin is huffing and puffing, not doing that well.

7:12pm: Becky is leading, Julia is close behind. Jackie, Johnny Mac, Steve, Shelli, Liz and Jackie seem to be in it too.

7:14pm: Meg points out that Steve has dripped water on the ground to get rid of the slipperiness. He claims it’s simple physics.

: This is one of those comps where it’s always hard to tell who’s in the lead until it nears the end.

7:20pm: James says that Shelli, Vanessa and Steve are tied.

7:22pm: Liz fell “graceful,” as James says. Then Austin falls.

7:23pm: Julia takes a HARD fall.

7:26pm: Meg and Austin are in last.

7:30pm: After more than 30 minutes, it seems like a girl will win. Becky appears in the lead followed by Julia, Jackie and Shelli.

: James says it looks like a three-way race between Becky, Julia and Johnny Mac.

: The frontrunners seems to be at the halfway point.

7:40pm: Austin takes a gnarly fall.

7:43pm: Meg has not fallen at all. That is her only goal since she’s so slow.

7:44pm: Becky is still beasting it while Julia seems to be slowing down.

7:48pm: Liz falls again. Becky seems to be increasing her lead.

7:52pm: An hour into the comp and it seems like Becky will win. It’s hard to tell how Shelli and Vanessa are doing from the camera angles.

7:54pm: Liz falls again. She’s fallen the most.

7:56pm: Becky seems to have a commanding lead, but Liz says that Shelli is catching up, though we can’t really see her bowl.

7:57pm: From a side view, Becky is definitely ahead. Julia, Jackie and Johnny Mac appear to be next in line, followed by Shelli and Liz. The other four are pretty much out of it.

8:05pm: Everyone marvels at how well Becky is doing. This is hers.

8:09pm: Becky is a straight-up robot and hasn’t seemed to slow down at all or change her technique.

8:16pm: Becky is “way in the lead,” according to Meg.

8:19pm: Steve falls again. He and Liz are definitely in the lead for most falls.

8:20pm: Becky is very close to the top. She might be able to take all three prizes.

8:27pm: Becky’s bowl is basically full.

8:28pm: Becky grabs her first ball. She takes Never Not.

8:29pm: Becky grabs her second ball. She takes $5,000.

8:29pm: Becky grabs her third ball. She takes HoH.

Becky is the new HoH!

Not only is Becky the new HoH, but she has another $5,000 (to go with the $5,000 grand she won in the last PoV comp) plus she can never be a Have-Not again.

Now the game is on. Becky’s closest ally is Johnny Mac, who told Steve early on Thursday that he wanted to backdoor Vanessa this week. Becky is also kind of close to the Goblins (James, Jackie and Meg) as well as Shelli. It seems like Steve, Vanessa, Austin or the twins could be potential targets.

This is Becky’s second HoH win, tying her with Shelli, Vanessa and James. It’s her third overall comp win (she won the week 1 BoB), tying her with Vanessa, Johnny Mac and Jason behind James, who has five comp wins.

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