The first double eviction of Big Brother 17 is over, with Shelli and Jackie becoming the first two members of the jury. It was an unusual night with Steve winning his first HoH and nominating Meg and Jackie. John then won his third PoV and kept the nominations the same. After the post-DE scramble, the HGs played in the next HoH competition.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Liz is the new HoH!

Ugh. Kill me now. Obviously this means Austin, the twins, Vanessa and probably Steve are all safe and Liz will do whatever Vanessa tells her to do. That means she’ll target Becky and probably nominate her with Johnny Mac, or maybe put Meg or James on the block. Either way, some combination of those four will be nominated and one of them will be evicted.

Now we’re in for an entire week of the twins squealing and acting cocky, with Austin trying to sleep in the HoH bed with her. Once again, one of the fan favorites will be evicted while the people fans don’t like are in power.


-Liz joins Vanessa, Shelli, Becky and James on the list of people who’ve won two HoH competitions.

-Liz now has three comp wins, tying her with Becky and Vanessa. John and Steve have four while James has five. Julia still has zero wins.

-Johnny Mac is only the 15th person ever to win three PoV competitions in a single season.

-Austin is only the 13th person to survive eight evictions without ever getting nominated. And odds are he’ll be the 10th person to go nine evictions without getting nominated.

-Austin and Liz/Julia have voted in all eight evictions. Only eight other HGs have ever voted in eight or more consecutive evictions.

-Steve and James are now the only two people so far to win all three types of comps this season: HoH, PoV and BoB.

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