Two weeks ago on Big Brother 17, Vanessa was HoH and she backdoored and blindsided Jason at the Power of Veto ceremony. This week, that same thing happens, only Vanessa is on the receiving end.

There’s also the return of the hilarious comic book superheroes for the cast and a ton of gaming and scheming from Becky, Johnny Mac, Steve, Shelli and Vanessa. It’s like they’re the only ones playing the game this week while the trios of Austin and the twins and James, Jackie and Meg are just relaxing.

After the Nominations

Steve hates Becky, Becky still wants to backdoor Vanessa, Shelli wants to protect herself and Vanessa is terrified that she’s getting backdoored. Meanwhile, Jackie is done with her knight punishment and does a strip show in the living room that nearly kills James.

Vanessa asks Shelli and Steve to pick her for Houseguest’s Choice in the PoV and promises both that whoever picks her will be the one she saves if she wins. Johnny Mac also wants Shelli and Steve to pick him, but he tells Steve he’d use it to save Shelli (because Steve isn’t as big of a threat as he thinks he is). Johnny Mac works his magic and basically tries to solidify his alliances with Shelli and Steve. Steve is frazzled because his two closest allies (Vanessa and Johnny Mac) hate each other.

The Power of Veto Competition

Austin, Meg and Vanessa get picked to play, with Shelli choosing Vanessa as Houseguest’s Choice. Everyone freaks out over Shelli’s decision and Shelli acts like she didn’t want to pick that chip, even though on the live feeds she has had conversations about how she can tell which chip is HG Choice based on the feel.

It’s the exact same competition as last season with the six HGs riding on a zip line to look at superhero comic book covers of all 17 HGs and trying to put them in the correct order in the fastest time. Highlights include Shelli as a Puma (a woman in her 30s who goes after younger man), Vanessa as the Mad Hatter (because she’s crazy and always wears that stupid beanie), Audrey as the Blanket (because of her insane final days) and Becky as the Trainiac (because she got hit in the face by a train).

Meg, Steve and Vanessa have the same smart strategy to get the order first and then notice the differences on the two possible comics before going on the zip line. But Vanessa seems to do them one at a time instead of bunching them together like Steve and Meg did. Becky does the men first, then the ladies. Shelli does four at a time, but doesn’t notice the differences at first. Austin is all about his strength and agility, but he runs out of breath quickly and is distracted by Liz.

Meg: 15:37
Becky: 17:02
Shelli: 25:31
Austin: 21:20
Steve: 13:57
Vanessa: 21:44

Steve wins the Power of Veto!

Once again, Sneaky Steve saves himself from the block. Maybe everyone should realize that he’s won three comps and the only time he wins is when he’s nominated. Steve and Becky are happy while Shelli and Vanessa are worried.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Vanessa continues to be paranoid about whether Becky will stick with the plan to put up Johnny Mac, especially after talking to James. So Vanessa talks to Becky about how she kept her word when she was HoH. Um, you mean when she went against the Dark Moon plan and backdoored Jason? Becky says she owes Vanessa nothing and she’s right. Vanessa keeps talking and Becky lies, telling her she’s safe.

Vanessa comes to James, Jackie and Meg and wants to make ANOTHER deal for next week. Hilariously, Vanessa mentions how scared she is that the plan won’t go the way she thinks it will and Jackie makes a perfectly passive-aggressive comment, clearly a reference to when Vanessa screwed them over with Jason. Vanessa doesn’t seem to get the irony of making a deal with eight people and then changing it without telling everyone.

At the ceremony, Steve saves himself and Becky nominates Vanessa. Becky owns that it’s a personal decision and it’s because she doesn’t know where her loyalties lie, she’s too influential with her deals and she will turn on people she trusted too easily.

Vanessa acts like Becky was disrespectful and illogical, even though Becky very clearly listed the many valid reasons why she did this. Shut up, Vanessa, because this is the EXACT SAME THING you did to Jason. She’s pulling a classic Derrick, lying and acting phony in the diary room to try and manipulate viewers, but I’m not falling for it. I wish I could say the same for the other HGs.

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