Big Brother 17 is clearly divided into two groups. There are the people who always get nominated (John, Steve, James, Meg and Becky all have multiple nominations) and the people who NEVER get nominated (Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa have a combined total of two nominations between the four of them). Did that pattern continue after the double eviction?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Liz is the new HoH.

She nominated Becky and John.

The target is Johnny Mac, even though Vanessa thinks it’s Becky. Basically, Austin and the twins are worried about Vanessa and want to keep Becky to go after her while John doesn’t really play any part in their strategy (even though he’s secretly just as against Vanessa as Becky is).

The odd/predictable part of this week is that Austin has taken total control, doing all of the talking when Liz meets with people in the HoH room. It’s basically his HoH. And Liztin is now a full-blown showmance, making out a lot, much to Julia’s disgust.

Austin, Liz and Julia made a new five-person alliance called Brass Tacks with James and Meg. Vanessa is also kind of a part of it, but not really since the AusTwins are starting to worry about her. Her nonstop paranoia, deal-making and crazy conspiracy theories are catching up with her and now the whole house is calling her the second coming of Audrey (which they don’t realize is what Johnny Mac called her last week because he’s been onto this for a long time).

In addition, the alliance formerly known as Freaks and Geeks (Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa and Steve) has officially changed its name to the Scamper Squad because they aren’t allowed to use their old name due to copyright issues. However, Brass Tacks seems to be the one Liz and Austin are most committed to.

Austin is worried that Vanessa will try to start something with Steve and John, which is why Johnny Mac needs to go. Also, John gets called to the diary room a lot and it seems to make Austin a bit jealous since Austin cares a lot about getting more exposure for himself.

If the nominations stay the same, Vanessa and Steve will try to get rid of Becky, but probably won’t be successful. If either of the nominees wins the PoV, then Liz will be forced to nominate someone from Brass Tacks or the Scamper Squad, which wouldn’t be so good for her game. Heck, there even seems to be some serious talk of backdooring Vanessa.

The Have-Nots

Liz had to pick three Have-Nots to enjoy Pork Slops, which means they get to eat pork chops in addition to Slop. She chose Steve, Vanessa and Johnny Mac. John originally asked Liz not to make him a Have-Not if he was going on the block and she agreed, but then Austin shot that idea down.


-Johnny Mac is the 19th person to be nominated five times in a single season (assuming you include not winning the last HoH in the Final 3 as being nominated).

-John, Steve, Becky, James and Meg have all been nominated three or more times this season. Vanessa and Liz/Julia have only been nominated once. Austin has never been nominated.

-Since Austin certainly won’t be nominated this week, he’s guaranteed to make it to Day 65 (next Friday) without ever being nominated. Only six other HGs have ever lasted that long without going on the block: season 3’s Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy, season 5 winner Drew Daniel, season 6’s April Lewis, season 15 winner Andy Herren and season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur.

-Austin will also become only the 10th person to survive nine evictions without ever going on the block. Besides the six listed above, that list also includes season 6’s Beau Beasley, season 14 winner Ian Terry and season 15’s McCrae Olson.

-Steve is the 18th HG to be a Have-Not for three weeks. As of now, everyone else in the house who is still eligible to be a Have-Not has been one twice.

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