If you combined Christmas, Thanksgiving and Jason’s birthday (which happens to be today), it wouldn’t be half as exciting as a live double eviction on Big Brother 17. Either Shelli or Vanessa will be evicted first, but then the HGs will play an entire week’s worth of game in one hour with a new HoH, nominations, PoV and a second eviction.

Last year, the double evictions were rather straight-forward and predictable. But I’m hoping it’s more like season 15, when Judd got completely blindsided and then the Exterminators framed Elissa for evicting Amanda. I’m rooting for maximum chaos and praying that the most entertaining HG of the season, Johnny Mac, doesn’t find himself in the cross hairs.

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BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 17 live blog!

The Campaign

Before we get to the action, we see a bit of the Shelli vs. Vanessa campaign. Shelli decides to lay low and trust that Becky will keep her safe. Vanessa wants to know what happened because last week she forced seven people into a deal not to put each other up. Vanessa acts like the deal wasn’t her idea (it was) and that Becky could’ve said no (she couldn’t have). Vanessa cries and pouts and Steve isn’t sure he can vote for her because he knows she’s going to be evicted and he wants to protect his own game. This makes Vanessa angry and upset because she only thinks about herself.

Vanessa campaigns to James saying she kept her word but others didn’t. She then throws Becky under the bus with some truths and some lies, but the killer is that Becky ratted out the plan last week to Clelli. This is enough to make James, Jackie and Meg realize that Shelli would definitely come after them, so why should they keep her?

The First Eviction

Shelli says happy birthday to Jason and acts like she cares. Come on, girl, you voted him out! She says she loves everyone and it doesn’t matter. Vanessa starts by talking about when she was in law school 10 years ago and recites some incredibly lame inspirational quote. Ugh, she is SOOOOO pretentious.

Austin votes to evict…Shelli
Steve votes to evict…Shelli
James votes to evict…Shelli
Meg votes to evict…Shelli
Jackie votes to evict…Shelli
Julia votes to evict…Shelli
John votes to evict…Shelli
Liz votes to evict…Shelli

Shelli is evicted 8-0!

Oh no, two unanimous house votes in a row. The game is getting stale after the first five eviction votes were all split. Shelli leaves with a smile on her face, which is so depressing. Did anyone come here to play to win?

Shelli blames James and Vanessa. She feels a little betrayed by Vanessa, but she isn’t even sure if she’d work with Vanessa again if she came back or turn on her. She’s rooting for Steve and Johnny Mac and would love to work with them if she goes back in.

The HoH Competition

The HGs must answer true or false questions about a series of videos they were shown last night. If you’re wrong, you’re out.

Question 1: Everyone is right
Question 2: James, Liz, Meg and Jackie are out.
Question 3: Everyone is right
Question 4: Julia and Vanessa are out
Question 5: Everyone is right
Question 6: Steve is right

Steve is the new HoH!

Wow, good for Steve, bad for the Goblins and Becky. Steve is finally stepping up his game and he now has two wins in a row. He just sits down with everyone and no one seems to be scampering or scheming.

The Nominations

Steve nominates Meg and Jackie.

Wow, that’s a tad unexpected. I assume he’s waiting to backdoor Becky, but either way, Vanessa and the AusTwins are laughing all the way to the bank.

The Power of Veto

John, James and Vanessa were also picked to play. The HGs must roll balls down a ski slop and get one ball into each of three holes. And they must do it in numerical order. If it’s not over in 3.5 minutes, it’s over and whoever got the most balls the fastest wins.

John, James and Jackie are the first to get their second balls. Steve complains that his was broken.

John wins the Power of Veto!

Wow, that’s three for him. If he knows Steve wants to backdoor Becky, he probably won’t use it. This could be a random, epic waste of a DE if it’s Jackie or Meg getting evicted.

John does NOT use the Power of Veto!

He said he wasn’t sure who the replacement nominee would be, so that’s why the nominations are the same. This is a lot like season 14, when Frank was the DE target, but Ashley ended up getting evicted instead. Also, I’d like to point out that Austin is only the 13th person to ever survive eight evictions without EVER getting nominated.

The Second Eviction

Meg cries because she’s up against one of her close friends yet again. Jackie knows she’s going home over a miscommunication.

Vanessa votes to evict…Jackie
Becky votes to evict…Meg
John votes to evict…Jackie
Austin votes to evict…Jackie
James votes to evict…Jackie
Liz votes to evict…Jackie
Julia votes to evict…Jackie

Jackie is evicted 6-1!

At least it wasn’t unanimous. Jackie thinks she was the target because Steve thought she planned on backdooring him instead of Austin in week 5.

The next HoH competition will probably be later tonight, so come back for spoilers.

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