It’s the end of the road for Clelli on Big Brother 17. The May/December showmance of 23-year-old Texas A&M football player Clay Honeycutt and 33-year-old divorcee Shelli Poole will be separated Thursday night when one of them is voted out in 12th place. But who will it be? And more importantly, who SHOULD it be?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

It looks like Clay will be evicted, especially since he’s still telling everyone to vote him out. That’s either romantic or idiotic, depending on how you look at it. From my perspective, it’s incredibly disrespectful to all of the people who actually want to be on the show and fight to win. But what can you expect from a recruit.

His story, as he’s mentioned on the live feeds, is that Clay was at a basketball game a few months ago and he got approached by a casting director who told him he should apply for Big Brother. He said he wasn’t good with kids, thinking they meant the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. Yes, he really is that stupid.

Anyway, James still wants Clay gone and Jackie, Meg and Becky seem on board. Johnny Mac wants to do whatever Clay wants, so he’s voting him out. Steve and Vanessa are probably the most adamant about actually wanting to keep Shelli. That leaves Austin and the twins as the swing votes.

Initially, they promised to vote however James wanted them to in exchange for not putting any of them on the block. That promise obviously meant nothing and now that they’re safe, they don’t care. All week long Austin, Liz and Julia have debated back and forth about how to vote, flip-flopping at least a dozen times.

James made his argument for why Shelli should go and Vanessa has since used that to claim that James was bullying people to vote the way he wanted. Vanessa is doing a great job of assassinating people’s characters as part of her game, especially since she’s the one who’s been bullying, badgering Austin and the twins every time they speak about how they NEED to vote to keep Shelli. She doesn’t think they should let James tell them how to vote, she thinks they should let her tell them how to vote.

It’s almost “Charlie Brown and the football” levels of tragic the way James, Jackie and Meg keep getting screwed over in this game. Not only were they blindsided with Jason last week, but now, even with all of the power, they can’t accomplish what they want. In fact, Meg has considered Clay one of her friends (or perhaps more, given their BB Scandal in the bathroom). So now it seems yet another one of her peeps will get evicted.

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