JJ Lane wasn’t exactly painted in good light on The Bachelorette season 11 but on Bachelor in Paradise, he’s far from being the villain. In fact, he’s quickly becoming a favorite among his costars. Host Chris Harrison already hinted before that JJ would surprise people the most and now some of his costars are confirming it.

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“I’ve always known JJ was a great guy,” fan favorite Jared told TV Guide. “He struggled early on in The Bachelorette, he definitely made some mistakes, but JJ’s true colors came out in Paradise and I think he’ll surprise people with how great of a human being he is.”

“Hands down, JJ will surprise people the most,” Ashley I. said. “I was so not into the thought of him leading into the season, but he’s my closest guy friend of the entire group.”

“I had my judgments about him and he will change everybody’s mind about him. He’s an amazing man,” added Clare.

According to JJ, he came on Bachelor in Paradise for some kind of redemption.

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“I didn’t go on Paradise for necessarily the right reasons, I was a little jaded like, I’m not going to find someone and this is my obligation almost, but I feel like I left for the right reasons,” explained JJ, possibly hinting that he will leave at some point.  “But I didn’t change! I literally was the exact same person the difference was that the guys [on Paradise] knew who I was and understood my humor and we were friends so that helped; there wasn’t a rough transition. The whole thing with Clint was very tongue in cheek and we actually never did anything to be mean. It also wasn’t as cutthroat here since we’re not fighting for one girl, so it wasn’t so aggressive.”

As for the possibility of finding love on Bachelor in Paradise, JJ has made a connection with Tenley so far.

“I didn’t know who Tenley was,” JJ admitted. “I asked her out because I just thought she was pretty and we had a lot in common with background and family and someone after says, ‘You know, she’s America’s sweetheart. This is really good for you.’ I was like, ‘I don’t even know who she is. I just think she’s cool.’ What a combination though! But Tenley is an amazing friend and it was fun to explore things for her.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Sundays and Mondays at 8pm on ABC. 

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