The Power of Veto has been used in each of the first three weeks of Big Brother 17, and twice the replacement nominee was then evicted. Is week 4 another backdoor situation?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Vanessa won the Power of Veto.

'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 4?

She used it to save Jason. Audrey is the replacement nominee.

The ceremony was severely delayed. Usually, it takes place at around noon on Mondays, but Audrey was in the diary room for about four and a half hours from a little before noon until 4:15 pm, which left the other HGs wondering if she had quit the game. Obviously, she didn’t, and she was probably just dealing with the psychological issues of knowing that she’s probably going home this week.

Also, it seems Audrey didn’t even show up for the ceremony, she just stayed in her Have-Not bed while the other HGs played it out and she was put on the block in absentia. Afterward, everyone was joking around with Johnny Mac about making deals with him to vote to keep him if he promises not to nominate them next week as HoH.

This is hardly a surprise since Sunday was all about the house turning on Audrey. It started with a fight between Clay and Audrey in the backyard and escalated in the HoH room with Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and Audrey. Basically, they’re all tired of Audrey trying to get them to turn on each other and planting seeds of doubt and mistrust in their alliance, though to be fair, Vanessa did kind of lie about a few things to help seal Audrey’s fate.

After figuring out she was doomed, Audrey made a last-ditch effort on Sunday afternoon by trying to enlist James to help her convince Shelli that Jason is coming after Shelli and Clay. Instead, James came clean to Meg and Clay about what she was up to, telling him that she’s in a six-person alliance with Clay, Shelli, Austin, Vanessa, and Liz. Audrey isn’t wrong about those five people working together, but her word means nothing to anyone in the house because of all her previous lies.

Later on Sunday night, the entire house, minus Audrey, met in the HoH room to team up and rally behind Shelli and Vanessa’s decision to backdoor Audrey. It was a rare sight as 12 people were all on the same page about Audrey’s lies and all agreed to vote her out and not believe any of her campaigning this week.

During that meeting, Audrey went to the diary room for three hours. Obviously, she’s feeling quite defeated and knows that she doesn’t have a chance to stay, which makes the whole situation kind of sad and uncomfortable. The HGs have agreed not to shun her or mock her, but they also don’t want to be seen talking alone with her for fear that people will target them for it.

It’s going to be an odd couple of days in the Big Brother 17 house. Everyone is on board with evicting Audrey and it’s basically impossible for her to turn it around at this point. The general consensus is that getting her out will make everything easier and better and that she’s ruining the experience for everyone with her gameplay.

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