Shelli is in power once again on Big Brother 17 alongside the twins, Liz and Julia. For a second week in a row, the Sixth Sense alliance is in control and can do whatever they want, which probably means targeting the exact same people who’ve gone on the block for the first three weeks.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

HoH Liz nominated Jackie and James.

HoH Shelli nominated Jason and John.

Just like two weeks ago, Shelli and Clay asked Johnny Mac to throw the Battle of the Block, this time so they can target Da’Vonne’s BFF Jason. He seems to be the Sixth Sense’s top target for some reason because they’re all worried he would target either Clay and Shelli or Austin and Liz. However, after the nomination ceremony, Shelli told John that he should go out and try to win the Battle of the Block, which would hopefully force Liz to backdoor Audrey. Johnny Mac is playing a dangerous game, ratting everything to Shelli and Clay (even Steve approaching him for a Final 2 deal), but his ratting is really helping to turn Shelli against Audrey.

On Liz’s side, she’s a bit of a mess and didn’t really want to nominate anyone. Presumably Becky is a backdoor option, solely because they all think she was one of the four votes to evict James and is lying to the house about it. James was just the only one left for her to put up.

It was a difficult night for Shelli and Liz as they talked to everyone and never seemed to fully agree on who to put up. They have so many deals with so many people that finding four people to nominate without hurting their games was difficult. And it didn’t help them that Vanessa, Clay and Austin were all pushing their own personal agendas.


-John has been nominated four times in a row. There are only eight other HGs in the history of the show who have ever done that, including four from last season (Victoria, Nicole, Donny and Jocasta).

-This is the third nomination for Jason. It’s also the second nomination for James and Jackie. Jackie and John were on opposite sides of the Battle of the Block in week 1 and three of last week’s nominees are once again on the block.

-After four weeks, John, Jason, Steve, James, Jackie and Meg have all been nominated multiple times while Becky has been nominated once. Shelli, Clay, Audrey, Liz, Austin and Vanessa have never been nominated. Last season after four weeks, Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine were the only HGs who had never been nominated and they all made it to the Top 6.

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