Say goodbye to summer because the Big Brother 17 live feeds are here. After the two-night premiere, the live feeds started Thursday, June 25 at 9pm PT. For me, this means that the next three months of my life will be spent watching these HGs for every waking hour, tracking their alliances, deceptions, strategies, showmances, fights and more.

I understand that not everyone can watch the Big Brother 17 live feeds all of the time (or even access them), so I’ll be here all summer long posting articles about what’s happening inside the house. To start, I’ll be live-blogging the first night in the house as we get our first glimpse at the unedited HGs and try desperately to piece together who was nominated, who won the competitions and which alliances have formed or crumbled in the first week. The HGs officially moved in Thursday, June 18, meaning the HGs have had more than a week to get to know each other.

As always, all times posted are Big Brother 17 local time, aka PT.

4:40pm: About a half-hour before Thursday’s episode aired on the East Coast, the live feeds turned on for a couple of minutes. James was in the HoH shower talking to Jason, confirming that their plan is still in effect. It sounds like Jeff and Austin aren’t getting along. There are also Have-Nots and it seems Vanessa, Da’Vonne and Liz will all be enjoying Slop for the first week.

9pm: The live feeds are officially started and everyone is gathered in the living room to orderly give shout-outs. Jace is serving as the emcee. They all get up one-by-one to say “Hi” to all of their friends and families. It’s all very friendly and amicable, with everyone supporting each other.

9:03pm: Jeff gives a shout-out to his twin brother. Damn, how many people have twins in this house?

9:06pm: Austin is wearing his Judas hat. I don’t trust any of his shout-outs.

9:11pm: Jace is the last to give shout-outs. He talks a lot. Then Jace and Austin do a little song and dance because “Jastin” are best friends.

9:12pm: It’s finally over and now they are getting back to normal. Jason did not care for that at all.

9:13pm: Austin and Vanessa say they’re on Slop, but they’re safe. Perhaps that means they were nominated but won the Battle of the Block.

9:15pm: Clay is giving Audrey some information. They appear to be working together. It sounds like he wants Becky gone.

9:16pm: Jackie and Steve’s keys are missing from the Memory Wall. They appear to be the nominees.

9:19pm: Vanessa is crying about missing her girlfriend and Da’Vonne is comforting her. Then Steve gives her a pep talk and cheers her up with bad pick-up lines.

9:27pm: Jace and Austin give a rundown. James is the permanent HoH with Steve and Jackie on the block. It seems Vanessa got to give immunity to someone and chose to save Austin. They want to pull Liz and maybe Clay in to help backdoor Jeff.

9:30pm: Jace and Austin are in an alliance called Shell Town. They shout-out to a bunch of BB All-Stars, but not Dan. They may also be a part of larger alliances called Jingletown and Riddlertown.

9:32pm: Jace and Austin want to make a Final 3 with Clay, but their real Final 3 is with Liz. They want to work with James and Audrey for now. They are so full of themselves running this game. Jace wants to take out Shelli sooner rather than later.

9:33pm: Audrey tells Meg she wants to help get Jace and Liz into a showmance.

9:39pm: Audrey is acting like a bit of a princess and seems to be using Clay like her personal servant.

9:43pm: Austin seems to love Johnny Mac. Jastin is bashing Jeff some more.

9:45pm: The Power of Veto competition is tomorrow.

9:50pm: John and Becky are playing in the PoV competition. There’s a plan for everyone playing to use it, probably on Jackie. Jackie and Shelli confirm with James that the plan is to backdoor Jace. It sounds like, even though Jace and Austin think they’re running the game, the entire house hates them.

9:55pm: It sounds like maybe John and Becky were Jason’s nominees who won the Battle of the Block against Steve and Jackie.

10pm: It’s always hard to trust what people say, but James seems incredibly committed to backdooring Jace and the entire house has caught onto the fact that he’s playing too hard too fast.

10:05pm: The trio of James, Shelli and Jackie don’t seem to understand how the game works and what will happen on what days.

10:08pm: Steve picked HG’s Choice for PoV and chose Jason. So it’s confirmed that James is the HoH, Steve and Jackie are the nominees with Becky, John and Jason playing in the PoV.

10:15pm: There’s a big group of people hanging out in the bedroom and just talking: Audrey, Jason, Meg, Steve, Da’Vonne, Becky and Clay. Everyone is trying to avoid Jastin and mocking them, especially Jason. Liz and John are hanging with Jastin in the living room. James and Shelli are with Jackie and Jeff in the room next to the bathroom.

10:25pm: Jason is the only smoker in the house.

10:30pm: Da’Vonne, Jason and Steve have an awesome conversation about past HGs, including those from Canada.

10:41pm: Audrey, Clay and Meg are having an intense game conversation. They are working together. They seem to want Becky gone and Da’Vonne gone, but only to split her up from Jason, because those two are too close.

What Has Happened:

After an hour of live feeds, I believe this is what we can piece together.

-HoH James nominated Jackie and Steve. HoH Jason nominated Becky and John.

-Becky and John won the Battle of the Block, so Jason was dethroned.

-Oddly, Becky, John and Jason were picked to play in the Power of Veto competition, which will be held Friday. So the same six people are involved in everything for week 1.

-James has a plan to backdoor Jace, and everyone seems on board with it.

-Jace and Austin are in an alliance called Shelltown. They think they’re running the game and want to convince James to backdoor Jeff. Liz and John seem closest to them.

-Audrey is working closely with Clay and Meg. They seem to be close to James, Shelli, Jeff and Jackie as well.

-Jason and Da’Vonne are a close pair.

-Vanessa is totally melting down about missing her girlfriend.

-The Have-Not room has a dentist theme. Austin, Liz, Da’Vonne and Vanessa are the Have-Nots.

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm on CBS.

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