Big Brother 17 has revealed the big twist of the season and it’s not just one twist, but several. Called BB Takeover, every week a special guest will show up to unveil a new twist that will dramatically change the game.

For the two-night premiere, two special guests will show up on each of the episodes to reveal the first twists to the 14 new HGs. No actual details have been given about who the guests will be or what twists they might bring.

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If done correctly, this twist could be extremely confusing and interesting. I suspect the special guests will be returning HGs, and it’s entirely possible that they will bring back old twists from their original seasons. For instance, maybe the first week will feature two HoHs and the Battle of the Block. The second week might have one HoH and the return of the MVP to pick a third nominee. Maybe they’ll have to play as duos or couples. The new format essentially allows the producers to change the format of the game every single week, making it nearly impossible to prepare a strategy.

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At least that’s my theory and I hope for how this twist works out. It might be something completely different. Whatever happens, it’s a great way to bring back many former players and fan favorites without necessarily letting them be a part of the game.

And while this twist could mean we get to see greats or favorites like Dr. Will. Dan or even Zach again, it could also mean that Frankie Grande will be coming back at some point.

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What do you think of the BB Takeover twist? Which special guests would you like to see and what twists would you like them to unleash on the house?

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Big Brother 17 kicks off with a two-night premiere Wednesday, June 24 and Thursday, June 25 at 8pm on CBS.

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