There seems to be no shortage of “villains” on The Bachelorette season 11. First there was Ryan M., who was eliminated by host Chris Harrison for his rude and drunken behavior in the season premiere, then there’s Kupah, who had a huge meltdown after Kaitlyn Bristowe sent him home before the rose ceremony. Tony complained about the aggressive dates and decided to leave the competition while Clint admittedly stuck around for his bromance with JJ instead of Kaitlyn. This week it was Ian who took center stage.

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In case you missed Monday’s episode, Ian pretty much slut-shamed Kaitlyn by telling her that she’s a shallow person who just wants to make out with a bunch of dudes on TV while campaigning to be the next Bachelor.  “I don’t think that Kaitlyn understands the full extent of who I am, and who I am is a catch. Good-looking guy, smart… I think that’s why I would make a great Bachelor,” Ian told the cameras. “I don’t find Kaitlyn interesting. Like, I don’t think that’s something wrong with me – I think that’s something wrong with her…  I could be the Bachelor… I think I’m a very eligible bachelor in this country and in this world.”

Not surprisingly, Bachelor Nation thinks Ian crossed the line. Check out their reactions below:

Kaitlyn Bristowe: “I certainly never could have anticipated a guy feeling the need to insult my looks like Ian choose to do. Ouch. And I’m shallow? As a woman – no, as a person – that is hurtful to hear. And completely unnecessary. I understood Ian’s frustration; after all I’ve been in his shoes. But it was a hurtful, unwarranted comment. And this coming from a man who felt the need to explain that he has no trouble getting women to sleep with him back home.”

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Jillian Harris: “DEAR IAN… I am not saying you aren’t a catch. You clearly are educated, seriously looking for love… But Ian … That does not make it Kaitlyn’s fault for not being into you, or you not being into her. You call her surface & shallow but YOU in fact kept focusing on SURFACE items for the excuse of your lack of connection… at the end of the day, NONE of the things you described about yourself really matter when it comes to finding true love. A connection, is a connection, regardless of where you have traveled, how good looking you are or how educated you are.”

Josh Murray: “Ian needs a big slice of Humble Pie, geezus.” 

Sharleen Joynt: “Kaitlyn demanded honesty and thus Ian felt entitled to speak freely. Ian thought he was being honest–he was certainly honest in his ITMs–but to Kaitlyn’s face he was only aggressive and mean. Honesty would have been him admitting he felt overlooked, that he felt silly and embarrassed pursuing a woman who didn’t seem to care for him…  But instead, under the ruse of ‘being honest,’ he proceeded to insult her character and judge her actions. (And for the record, if he were Bachelor–something he’s clearly spent time fantasizing about–wouldn’t he be making out with lots of women? Just sayin’.)”

Ashley Spivey: “Ian doesn’t like fart jokes? He’s the worst.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC. 

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